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6 Reasons Distributors Should Adopt Online Ordering in 2023

Beverage producers are offering distributors a way to place orders online. Here are 6 reasons distributors should take advantage of online ordering in the New Year.

January 10, 2023

Online ordering systems promise any-time ordering, streamlined communication for distributors, and improved forecasting for each supply chain tier. 

Online ordering has changed the way consumers purchase their favorite brands. Now, BevAlc distributors and producers are leveraging the same technology for business-to-business transactions. As new distributor ordering technology ripples across the industry, producers, retailers, and consumers alike are reaping the benefits. Here are 6 reasons you should do the same: 

1. Manage Orders In One Place, From Anywhere:

Gone are the days of exchanging emails, spreadsheets, texts, and voicemails with each one of your producers. An online ordering system offers you a desktop or mobile application to place orders. 

This eliminates missed or mistyped orders. 

2. Share Permissions, Not Credentials:

Modern online ordering systems allow multiple users to place orders on behalf of an organization for a variety of producers. 

This eliminates the need to share login and password information or the need to log into multiple portals or systems.

3. Brand Info At Your Fingertips:

When reviewing products or placing orders, you can access logos, sell sheets, and more information to help sales reps sell more.

This eliminates the burden on the sales rep to do their own research at the risk of using inaccurate or outdated information.

4. Quickly See What’s New, What Moves, And More:

Producers can more easily share new products, fast movers, and other product news, speeding up your ordering process while simultaneously improving sales rep product knowledge.

This eliminates the time it takes to scroll or browse to figure out what’s new. 

5. Place/Edit Orders And Schedule Deliveries With Accuracy:

Rather than sifting through a pile of spreadsheets, you can access real-time information about your orders and make any necessary changes.

This eliminates the need for last-minute phone calls to ensure an order is adjusted for the deadline.

6. Integrates With Your RAS System:

Modern online ordering systems accept forecasts generated by RAS systems as input for EDI transmittal from the distributor to the producer.

This eliminates having to manually connect spreadsheets and formulas across systems.

Leveraging an online ordering system eliminates wasted time and frustration for both distributors and producers. Ordering products that are no longer available, accidentally typing a wrong order amount or missing an order altogether are things of the past. Learn more about the new world of using a Distributor Ordering Portal.

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