About The Encompass story

About Encompass

For decades, our founders and many of our employees walked in our customers’ shoes.

We've seen first-hand how cumbersome and inefficient the beverage supply chain can be.

Today, we're revolutionizing it. We are a team of proven innovators who are mirror images of our customers—people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo.

Encompass represents more than 500 people located around the world. With expertise in manufacturing from Orchestra Software, distribution from Encompass Technologies, and retail from Handoff Technologies, we are bringing to life our vision of a digitally connected supply chain.

Our ERP and technology solutions support $1.5B in retail transactions every month. Our systems are relied upon by over 2 million active users across all 50 states, Canada, UK, Australia, and Guam. We have grown to become a market leader with a global footprint, all because of our customers’ can-do spirit and their trust in us.

We find better ways for people to work, make decisions, serve customers, and secure their businesses. We are driven by the ripple effect our work has not only for businesses, but for what it ultimately allows people to do for their families, communities, and the world.

What we do

At Encompass, we help our customers be successful by using:

  • Cloud-native technology and ERP SaaS applications specifically built for the beverage industry
  • Our open ecosystem of partners and integrations
  • An experienced support, customer success, and professional services team
  • The power of a digitally connected supply chain to do what’s best for people and business
About Our vision

Our vision

We understand that changing market dynamics demand a connected supply chain. Connecting people, processes, technology, and data across the three supply chain tiers helps our clients understand why a shelf is bare or why a cold box is empty.

Is it because of unanticipated consumer demand?

...Limited supply of packaging materials?

...Errors in inventory tracking?

...Stale retail sales data?

...Shortage of drivers?

Or is there another reason?

Imagine a world where we all work together to accurately forecast in a timely manner and where we take action quickly so that empty shelves and product waste are a thing of the past. Imagine a world where the supply chain consistently fills the shelves with choices that consumers want and can enjoy with their family and friends.

This is our vision.

Our story in numbers

Founded in 2001
Founded in 2001

The first cloud-based ERP for beverage distributors, Encompass Technologies merged with Orchestra Software and acquired Handoff Technologies in 2020.

Global reach
Global reach

Headquartered in Colorado with 'round-the-clock development partners in China and support in the Philippines for your 24x7 business operations.

Over 500 strong
Over 500 strong

Our employee and partner teams are made up of brilliant innovators who move fast, collaborate, and create results for customers’ short- and long-term success.

2 million users
2 million users

We support an expansive network of users across all 50 states, Canada, UK, Australia, and Guam.

Our core values

Go big

We aim high. We go to work every day with a passion for changing this industry and giving the boot to the status quo. We harness the power of innovation to push the beverage supply chain forward by developing realistic and practical solutions. We meet customers where they are, and we help them evolve.

Figure it out

Our team thinks big, starts small, and moves fast. We strive to define the real problem, and then we work hard to solve it. We don't let perfect be the enemy of good. We allow ourselves to fail fast and course correct. This approach makes us the nimble problem solver our customers have come to rely on.

Use the team

At Encompass, we have built a culture of respect for people as they are, with their unique talents and for what they can offer to the team and our customers. We’ll do it right and get more done when we work together.

meet the team

Meet the team

As seasoned industry experts, we understand the unique challenges that impact the beverage supply chain. As innovative problem-solvers, we find ways to improve business operations and digitally connect end-to-end supply chain activities to unlock capabilities and successfully grow our customers’ businesses.


Interested in working with us?

We serve leaders in the beverage industry looking for a better way to do business, no matter the stage their business is in or the size of their operation. We’re not just operating with today’s best practices; we’re collaboratively working to create the best practices of tomorrow.

Join us.

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