Top 5 Ways Distributors Are Managing Their Fleets With Encompass Fleet Tracker

Learn how fleet managers are using on-board diagnostic tools to optimize fleet management through data reporting and logistics insights.

October 25, 2022

Industry-leading distributors are using Encompass Fleet Tracker in more than 5,500 vehicles across the country to leverage valuable logistics data that reduces cost and improves delivery efficiency. 

Encompass Fleet Tracker is a fleet management solution that increases fleet visibility with real-time insights from on-board diagnostic tools.

Before we started utilizing Fleet Tracker it was very difficult for us to gauge certain metrics for our employees like how long it was taking to make deliveries or their service time on a sales call. With Encompass Fleet Tracker we’re able to dive deeper and really make sure that our employees are getting through their day in the most efficient and effective manner.

Chris Koch

Chief Operating Officer at Adams Beverages

Here are 5 tips from distributors leveraging Fleet Tracker to optimize fleet operations.

1. Leverage Actionable Logistics Data to Improve Fleet Management With The Fleet Analytics Dashboard 

Fleet managers get an end-to-end picture of fleet performance when they access the Fleet Analytics Dashboard. You can gain insight into safety trends, idling, distance, and hours of service for the entire fleet. 

Tracking these anomalies by individual driver creates a comprehensive view of the fleet so you can identify big-picture issues and make adjustments to improve routes, safety and cost savings.

2. Uncover Coaching Opportunities With The Driver Scorecard Report 

Distributors can customize reporting templates to track driving behavior and driver safety. The report captures harsh braking, speeding, idling, cornering, no seatbelt, distracted driving, and more depending on your specific reporting needs.

This attention to individual drivers improves safety, helps cut down on vehicle maintenance, and opens distributors up to potential insurance benefits. Investing in your drivers improves employee quality of life, and helps both attract and retain drivers.

3. Ensure Driver Accountability and Data Accuracy With Vehicle Verification 

Similar to a key FOB, Vehicle Verification ensures the correct driver is in the correct vehicle on the correct route. Adding driver accountability has two primary benefits. The first is that drivers verify their vehicle and route so they only access and start the correct vehicle. This reduces inadvertent use of the incorrect vehicle. 

The second is that Vehicle Verification ensures the on-board GPS data is as accurate as possible for the assigned route. Accurate data leads to better insights and better insights lead to opportunities for fleet managers to make data-driven decisions.

4. Inform Smarter Routing Decisions With Service Time Controls

Service Time Controls allow you to track average service times based on when the vehicle arrives to and departs from accounts. Insight into average service times shows which accounts are quickly serviceable and which take more time. 

Visibility into the average time spent at each account can directly inform routing decisions to balance routes and driver workload. As an added bonus, drivers will strengthen customer relationships by coordinating consistent on-time deliveries to all accounts. 

5. Lower Fuel Costs By Tracking Idle Times 

Tracking idle times provides a great opportunity to reduce fuel costs. Insight into the time spent idling equips fleet managers with data to coach drivers to help reduce idling and lower fuel costs. Per data gathered by Encompass, one distributor cut idle times by 50% over the course of 4 months from 21 idle minutes per vehicle to 9 idle minutes per vehicle. 

Right away after initial implementation, we saw significant decreases in idle time and improvements in safety measures with the accountability of knowing who’s on each vehicle. 

Drew Ezzell

Systems & Logistics Manager at Adams Beverages

Fleet Tracker provides a unique set of tools that create an in-depth understanding of your logistics operation. Customers have gotten very creative with custom tables to track things like tire rotations and oil changes to improve vehicle maintenance. Distributors who begin using Fleet Tracker have seen immediate safety and efficiency benefits. When your drivers know you’re investing in their success, they take the time to adjust how they operate, improving your fleet, saving you money, and retaining a dedicated workforce. 

Interested in using Fleet Tracker to create safer, data-driven fleet operations? Speak to one of our beverage distribution industry experts to learn more.


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