Beverage Distributors Share ROI of Accounting With Encompass Integrated Financials

Hear from three users of Encompass Financials about the implementation process, reliability, user experience, and results tied to their use of financial management software built for beverage distributors.

November 21, 2022

Encompass Financials is a general ledger solution fully integrated with Encompass RAS, designed to create a seamless flow of information for accounting processes and financial reporting.

Three users in the Encompass Network shared their experience with the implementation process, reliability, user experience, and results tied to their use of Encompass Financials.

Beverage Distributors See Immediate Increase in Transaction Efficiency.

What was it like to implement Encompass Financials? 

“The conversion to Encompass Financials was seamless. The Encompass team imported all our historical data and built financial reports to our specific needs prior to fully transitioning. We had all our information ready to go on day one with no complications.”
- Brian Mulari, Controller, Quality Brands of Omaha

Explain your team’s onboarding experience with Encompass Financials. 

“The learning curve for the non-inventory-related payables was minimal. Features such as the ability to create recurring transactions and import or copy entries have added efficiency to the transactions needed outside of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.” - Brian Mulari, Controller, Quality Brands of Omaha

What was the immediate impact of integrating Encompass Financials? 

“We have seen a ton of benefits from transitioning to Encompass Financials. Previously we had to follow a very rigid timeline in order to support the need for daily summary postings to our general ledger software.  If the summary wasn’t run by a certain time, it delayed everyone’s daily workflows. With Encompass Financials – adios summary postings! Things move fluidly and the day is smoother.” - Katharine Fox, CFO, Bond Distributing

Is investing in Encompass Financials worth it? 

“Perhaps the biggest impact to our business is the continuity that Encompass Financials offers from invoicing and inventory transfer to reporting; this alone is worth the additional cost." - Hailey McKenna, Director of Finance, Revolution Wholesale

Beverage Distributors Simplify Reconciliations and Save Time With Encompass Financials.

What have you accomplished with Encompass Financials? 

“The reporting capabilities that exist with the route accounting and warehouse management functions also exist within Encompass Financials, which has made our monthly reconciliation and review processes a breeze - the ability to review the transaction level detail on any account with the click of a button has allowed us to have as much visibility as we desire.” - Brian Mulari, Controller, Quality Brands of Omaha

Is there any functionality you would consider instrumental to your accounting practices?

“The drill-down granularity to go from a financial statement summary report all the way to the specific customer invoice is extremely powerful. It makes finding any potential posting errors easier and enhances confidence in the accuracy of the financials.” - Katharine Fox, CFO, Bond Distributing

Can you identify some areas you feel have improved with your use of Encompass Financials? 

“Tasks such as payment processing, bank reconciliation, and closing financial periods require little to no human interaction which not only decreases the opportunities for mistakes but also gives the staff back time for more complex work.” - Hailey McKenna, Director of Finance, Revolution Wholesale

What has changed in your organization after implementing Encompass Financials?

"Encompass Financials has significantly increased the efficiency and accuracy of our processes and reporting. The time savings we have experienced since implementing the financial suite of tools are significant.” - Hailey McKenna, Director of Finance, Revolution Wholesale

What are the long-term results you’ve seen from your use of Encompass Financials?

“Our team has freed up time and capacity associated with dual entry and summary postings. We’ve been able to speed up the monthly close from 12-15 business days to a record of 6 (average of 8-10).  We have been so happy with the switch and glad to continue to deepen our relationship with Encompass.” - Katharine Fox, CFO, Bond Distributing

Quality Brands, Bond Distributing, and Revolution Wholesale echo similar sentiments to other distributors using Encompass Financials.

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