Eagle Rock’s Early Adoption of Retail Insights Achieves Revenue Growth and Leads the Industry Into the Future

Learn how Eagle Rock Distributing Co. achieved a 10% revenue increase and reallocated 50% of their sales reps' time to revenue-driving activities with Retail Insights

December 14, 2022


What is Retail Insights? 

Retail Insights connects distributors to live retail POS (point of sale) data and enables sales organizations to increase revenue by eliminating manual inventory processes, building better orders, and mitigating out-of-stocks to maintain a market advantage.

Eagle Rock, an Anheuser-Busch Distributor in Georgia and Colorado, has taken full advantage of Encompass Retail Insights. As an industry leader, Eagle Rock seized the opportunity to connect to real-time inventory at their retail accounts and reallocate immense amounts of time to revenue-driving activities. 

Eagle Rock Experiences Significant Sales Growth With Encompass Retail Insights

Eagle Rock worked with Encompass to utilize live inventory data from all of their Target and Walmart accounts in both Georgia and Colorado, making them the largest Retail Insights user in the country. By the beginning of Q4 2022, they activated all accounts in both chains leading to a significant revenue increase at those accounts. Eagle Rock has already seen a 10.2% YOY revenue increase QTD (Q4 2022) at Walmart and Target accounts.


As an early adopter of Encompass Retail Insights, Eagle Rock has optimized their chain and off-premise service time, enhanced forecasting, and reallocated 50% of their sales reps’ time to revenue-driving activities.

With more time, I’ve been able to place more and new products, build and replace competitive displays, and gain shelf space.

Brad Pollart

Acount Manager, Eagle Rock Distributing Co.

After account visits, reps have the visibility to track sales trends and identify growth opportunities with 24/7 access to live inventory data at their connected accounts.

Every day, our reps have the opportunity to have a purpose-driven appointment with retailers and talk about something that really matters to their business and bring value.

Thomas Johnstone

Vice President of Sales, Eagle Rock Distributing Co.

Retail Insights has contributed to significant growth for distributors of all sizes across the country. 

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