Encompass Technologies Unveils "Service Center", Empowering Commercial Beverage Service and Dispensing Providers to Optimize for Success

Service Center delivers unparalleled efficiency and adaptability, setting a new standard for operational excellence for Commercial Beverage Service and Dispensing Providers.

March 20, 2024

Fort Collins, CO – Encompass Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Service Center, a work order management solution tailored to the evolving needs of the commercial beverage service and dispensing industry. Unveiled at the 2024 IBDEA Annual Conference, Service Center is the latest addition to Encompass Distribution Cloud, an industry-leading comprehensive ERP purpose-built for the beverage industry, complete with solutions for optimizing sales orders, delivery, inventory, financials, reporting, and more.

Shifting consumer preferences and growing demand for dispensed drink sales have put immense pressure on operations to be more efficient and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Encompass Service Center addresses this and other industry challenges head-on, enabling all categories of commercial beverage service providers, including beverage dispensing companies, to capitalize on market opportunities with solutions built to:

  • Streamline work order management and move from a reactive to a proactive service approach

  • Manage service requests, preventative maintenance schedules, installations, rentals, leases, and cylinders

  • Generate invoices for products and services delivered by utilizing time tracking and billing

  • Keep track of customer equipment and service history with asset management

  • Manage truck stock, product orders, and returns with order management

As an enhanced capability to Encompass Distribution Cloud, Service Center advances a modern approach to ensuring a seamless, efficient, and customer-focused operation.  Service Center is a fully cloud-based solution built on the same modern technology platform in use at over 400 distributors and is available now.

Denver Beverage, an early adopter of Service Center, has already seen success with its advanced features to streamline their service management, enhance delivery logistics, and improve inventory control, resulting in increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The people and the capabilities at Encompass in terms of inventory, warehouse, and route management were far above what we typically have in our industry.

Jennifer Whittemore

Co-Owner, Denver Beverage Company

With Service Center, Encompass Technologies reaffirms its commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that empower the beverage industry. “Service Center represents our dedication to continuing to innovate and extend the reach of the Encompass platform across the beverage industry. We are excited to introduce this new capability that brings the Commercial Beverage Service industry into the Encompass family while at the same time providing new capabilities that all of our distribution customers will be able to leverage to improve their operations,” stated Patrick Tickle, CEO of Encompass Technologies.

Click here to learn more about Service Center and Encompass's full suite of solutions for Commercial Beverage Service and Dispensing Providers. 

About Encompass

From maker to market, Encompass Technologies is revolutionizing how technology supports the modern beverage industry. The Encompass Digital Platform connects thousands of global producers, distributors, and retailers. 

With Encompass, all players across the beverage supply chain are connected to form a network that allows everyone to work together to maximize sales, minimize empty shelves, and eliminate waste. 

With more than 20 years of experience providing beverage management software solutions, Encompass Technologies has built a reputation for moving the industry forward and fundamentally changing how beverages are made and brought to market.

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