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Encompass Technologies Partners With Leading Convenience Retail Technology Provider To Help Bev-Alc Distributors Increase Sales

Partnership with Skupos, adds 15,000+ retail connections for beverage distributors using the Retail Insights solution which mitigates out of stocks, saves sales rep time, and increases sales

October 10, 2022

FORT COLLINS, Colo., (October 10, 2022) -- Encompass Technologies, a comprehensive cloud-based ERP, CRM, eCommerce, and data solutions provider for the beverage industry, announced today that it has launched a partnership with Skupos, a tech leader in the convenience retail industry. The Skupos platform helps brands and distribution partners better serve their customers, make smarter decisions, and grow revenue through access to nationwide sales data and live retail inventory. 

Encompass’ Retail Insights allows customers to forecast demand accurately and build orders quickly, which is critical for the success of retailers and distributors. The Retail Insight' connection to live POS data is the link that creates efficiency and performance. By connecting directly to POS systems at retail accounts, distributors have the ability to process scan, sales, and quantity-on-hand data, which is then packaged into comprehensive insights for reps to build better orders, maximize sales, and minimize empty shelves. 

“Our partnership with Skupos allows beverage distributors using the Encompass Retail Insights solution to create more revenue-generating opportunities by tapping directly into inventory and sales data of more than 15,000+ independent retailers. This partnership allows distribution partners insight into a market they haven't been able to forecast as accurately before,” Encompass VP of eCommerce, Bill Kraich, said. 

Beverage distributors like Eagle Rock Distributing Company have seen significant time savings for their sales representatives resulting in sales growth from their customers by leveraging Retail Insights.

“We have strategically aligned our people and technology to deliver a measurable impact on time to sell, retailer engagement, and win rates,” VP of Sales Technology and Strategy at Eagle Rock Distributing Company, Thomas Johnstone, said. “This alignment has refocused approximately 75 percent of our reps' time from manual processes to selling.” 

In today's competitive environment, the ability to accurately forecast demand and easily build recommended orders is key to gaining a competitive advantage. “Connecting to live point-of-sale data is the link that can make this competitive advantage a reality,” according to Kevin Hodges, VP of Business Development at Skupos. “These additional retail connections create revenue-generating opportunities for stores and distributors.”

Live retail inventory and depletions data from retail connections also help distributors:

  • Mitigate out of stocks

  • Proactively manage stagnant items

  • Minimize distribution voids on mandated products

  • Reduce phantom inventory occurrences

With Walmart accounts alone, distributors collecting retail sales and inventory data have achieved month-over-month growth of +27 percent in total cases, +40 percent in total revenue, +5 percent lift in average cases, and a +6 percent growth in average order, before and after Retail Insights.

“The partnership between Encompass and Skupos now provides our distributor customers the ability to tap into SKU-level sales data from thousands of independent convenience stores across the nation and helps them understand exactly where and when products are selling,” said Kraich. “Sales and efficiencies for distributors can only go up from here.”

Distributors looking to leverage Retail Insights can learn more and get started by visiting Encompass Retail Insights.


About Encompass Technologies
Encompass Technologies provides a comprehensive cloud-based platform connecting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the beverage and food industry. Encompass solutions span full ERP, CRM, eCommerce, data and insights, route accounting, warehouse management, logistics, data warehousing, financials, sales execution, and more. With more than 20 years of industry experience in distribution software, expertise in beverage manufacturing technology solutions through the merger with Orchestra Software and acquisition of vintrace, and experience in offering retail insights and solutions through the acquisition of Handoff Technologies, Encompass has a reputation for innovation and collaboration, and for focusing on moving the industry forward. Visit for more information.

About Skupos:
Skupos drives revenue growth across all segments of the convenience retail industry through technology that connects both retailers and brands to their shoppers. With a focus on independent stores and small chains which make up nearly 80% of the market, the Skupos platform enables both retailers and brands to compete through better understanding and serving their customers. Founded in 2016, a growing network of 15,000+ customers across all 50 states rely on Skupos to boost sales volume and increase their customer base. For more information, visit  

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