Empowering Commercial Beverage Service and Dispensing Providers to Optimize for Success

Streamline work order management and move from reactive to proactive service

Research indicates approximately 41% of dispensed beverage samples harbor harmful bacteria, posing significant risks to both you and your customers.

Against a backdrop where 67% of operators observed a surge in dispensed drink sales in 2022, it becomes imperative to diligently upkeep dispensing equipment.

This not only ensures regulatory compliance but also guarantees uninterrupted access to fully functional and sanitized machines, creating consistent beverage enjoyment for consumers.

Service Center enables you to

  • Manage service requests, preventative maintenance schedules, installations, rentals, leases, and cylinders
  • Utilize time tracking and billing to generate invoices for products and services delivered
  • Keep track of customer equipment and service history with asset management
  • Manage truck stock, product orders, and returns with order management
  • Alert technicians about new service requests and keep customers informed of progress to increase efficiency and enhance customer service
  • Easily schedule and automate preventative maintenance services
  • Facilitate service request assignments based on technician skills and equipment type with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Keep track of work completed and record important information like travel time, start and end service time, customer signature, and photos
  • Allow technicians to self-dispatch to streamline after-hours and weekend requests

"The people and capabilities at Encompass in terms of inventory, warehouse, and route management, were far above what we typically have in our industry."

Jennifer Whittemore, Co-Owner, Denver Beverage

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