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Del Papa Achieves Significant Revenue Growth With Retail Insights

Learn how Del Papa Distributing Co. uses Encompass Retail Insights to accelerate growth by reallocating sales reps' time to sales-focused tasks.

December 1, 2022


What is Retail Insights? 

Retail Insights connects distributors to live retail POS (point of sale) data and enables sales organizations to increase revenue by eliminating manual inventory processes, building better orders, and mitigating out-of-stocks to maintain a market advantage.

Del Papa Distributing Company is a tech-forward Anheuser Busch distributor servicing retail accounts across 17 counties in Coastal Texas. They previously dedicated over 1,000 hours per week to counting inventory and forecasting orders. Del Papa began leveraging Retail Insights in 2021. Immediate access to real-time inventory led to optimized order building for Del Papa. The result? A substantial revenue increase across all connected accounts due to enhanced market execution.

Del Papa Distributing Co. Leverages Encompass Retail Insights to Drive Incremental Sales

Del Papa’s revenue has increased significantly since implementation. Across their connected accounts, they’ve experienced:


This is the way of the future and this will be what our industry looks like in the future. The faster the industry gets on board, we’re going to see some meaningful change and incredible results.

Adam Dickson

Sales Manager, Del Papa Distributing Co.

Del Papa’s rollout strategy enabled expedited growth by opening shelf space at their retail accounts to place more and new products.

In 2021, the tech-forward distributor jumped at the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary manual practices from their sales calls, enabling reps to focus their time on revenue-driving activities rather than counting inventory.

We decided to look at time-to-sell and cost-to-service to determine which accounts were the most burdensome on our folks and target those first.

Adam Dickson

Sales Manager, Del Papa Distributing Co.

The initial time-savings were significant for Del Papa, driving them to activate Retail Insights at more accounts. Encompass consulted with the Del Papa team and supported them as they started with the retailers where they had strong relationships. Leveraging the learnings with these customers, they easily rolled out the program to large format chains and convenience accounts by simply ‘flipping a switch' to activate pre-established connections within the Encompass Network.

Retail Insights did exactly what we thought it was going to do and created a lot of time for us to have meaningful interactions with our retailers and sell more. And I think we’re only scratching the surface.

Adam Dickson

Sales Manager, Del Papa Distributing Co.

Retail Insights has contributed to significant growth for distributors of all sizes across the country. 

Find out how you can leverage Retail Insights to achieve growth like Del Papa. Speak with our team today.

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