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June 3 - 6, 2024 | Denver, Colorado

Warehouse & Inventory Management for Foodservice Distributors

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Modernize your inventory management with real-time information and warehouse automation that enables efficiencies everywhere from buyer’s order to operator’s kitchen and all stops in-between


Food warehouses today demand the ability to adapt when customers, supply, and costs change. Managers and pickers need modern technology that they can access anywhere, anytime to get their jobs done fast without sacrificing care for the product.

Encompass provides expandable, cloud-based software that enables agility, efficiency, and growth for your foodservice distribution business.

Eliminate barriers and grow to your full potential with the WMS solution built specifically for foodservice distributors.

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Built for foodservice distribution

For warehouse managers, Encompass removes the need for endless customization requests because our WMS is already tailored for the food industry. The result is liberation from inefficiencies, leaving more time to analyze and manage inventory more effectively. A web-based, purpose-driven WMS solution is one you can trust because it ensures that the people behind the system:

  • Understand the care and regulation that goes into the distribution of food
  • Understand the need for safety and security in your supply chain
  • Understand what restaurants and other operators want from a modern distributor
Choosing the right WMS: Three key considerations

The foodservice distribution market is experiencing supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and a hastened pivot toward real-time data for agile decision-making. A swift first step to ensure a foodservice distributor stays ahead of the curve is to consider moving to a modern warehouse management system (WMS) that focuses on its product, its people, and its future growth.

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Streamline your operations

Pick efficiently with “directed” tools like voice-pick software and Encompass pick-to-light system, and load quickly with drag-and-drop bay space management.

Save time and maximize labor force with staging bins, customizable pick rules, and dynamically-generated pick line replenishment plans.

Our extensible solution makes it easy to customize based on your operational needs.

Get 24/7 Human Support

Get 24/7 Human Support

The builders of the best WMS solution know how important support is for a warehouse. The slightest hiccup or issue can lead to food spoilage, lost cash flow, and a whole lot of frustration. Encompass has more than 200+ employees dedicated to offering support 24/7 so your warehouse stays operational.

Combat Labor Shortage

Combat Labor Shortage

Foodservice distributors are scrambling to support the workers they have while attracting new ones. A modern WMS achieves the dream of adding efficiency to processes, speed to people, and quality control of the product, ultimately making the lives of those working in the warehouse easier.

Integrate For Agility

Integrate For Agility

Many supply chain issues are out of your control, but how you respond to those changes can make or break the business. Your WMS should easily integrate to your sales, accounting, purchasing, and routing tools to give you the information in real time, so you can pivot your operations with agility.

“WMS has improved our operation in every facet of the warehouse.”

– Dana Hamilton, Director of Operations

Watch how Advance Beverage Company in Bakersfield, CA uses Encompass Warehouse Management System to manage SKU proliferation/complexity and other warehouse challenges.


Encompass is an IFDA Allied Member

As an Allied Member, we’re in lockstep with the foodservice distribution industry. This is our community of customers and our way to connect with each other to improve the supply chain.

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