The Odom Corporation Takes Next Step As Market Leader And Selects Encompass As Strategic Technology Partner

Growth Potential of a Scalable All-in-One Cloud-Native Platform Drove the Decision

May 25, 2023

FORT COLLINS – (May 25, 2023) – The Odom Corporation, a family-owned business distributing premium beverages in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Hawaii, has selected Encompass Technologies as their strategic technology partner to provide a platform of next-generation beverage solutions. The Encompass platform includes full enterprise management applications for the supply chain including resource planning, warehouse management, logistics, eCommerce, sales execution and optimization, and more. The platform will be deployed in support of Odom’s 27 locations and over 1,935 employees. This decision marks a new chapter in Odom’s mission to market and distribute premium beverages for the mutual reward and growth of their customers, suppliers, and employees.

Encompass provides cloud-native SaaS solutions for the modern beverage industry, connecting a broad network of beverage producers, wholesalers, and retailers to enhance cross-tier collaboration, simplify decision-making, and equip businesses for success in a fast-changing market. With extensive industry experience, innovative technological capabilities, and a deep understanding of the beverage industry's unique challenges, Encompass Technologies emerged as the ideal partner to support Odom’s goals of shrinking their technology footprint, while increasing their technology capabilities.

Since 1934, Odom has built and maintained lasting relationships through the principles of commitment, integrity, quality products, and superior service. To maintain their position as a market leader, Odom recognized the importance of leveraging technology to make a leap in progress and set up Odom to compete and win. By partnering with Encompass, Odom believes they’ll be able to simplify their operations, improve their team's lives, operate more efficiently, and continue offering superior customer service. 

In an environment that demands continual adaptation, we believe the Encompass ERP solution provides Odom with the stability and flexibility to successfully navigate the changing marketplace and provide us with the foundation for future growth and efficiencies.

Adam Hilpert

President & COO, The Odom Corporation

Encompass’s scalable all-in-one cloud-native platform is designed to help companies like Odom optimize and connect business processes across departments, empower employees with tools to better perform their jobs, provide real-time insights for informed decision-making, and more.

Following a comprehensive evaluation conducted by a cross-functional Odom team and insightful discussions with Encompass senior leadership, we are confident in the strong alignment between Encompass and Odom's technology strategy. Encompass' advanced three-tier integrated platform, built on a cloud-native architecture and leveraging the latest modern cloud technologies, will provide transformative benefits for Odom's valued customers, suppliers, business partners, and our dedicated employees who drive our success. We are looking forward to this strategic partnership and where these capabilities take us.

Leonie Markgraf

SVP of Information Systems, The Odom Corporation

The Odom Corporation and Encompass Technologies are both committed to moving the beverage industry forward. This strategic partnership signifies a shared vision and mutual dedication to finding better ways for the greater good of the industry, and the people that operate within it.

We're thrilled to partner with The Odom Corporation to embark on a transformative and collaborative journey to redefine the landscape of the industry, drive innovation, and ensure success for years to come. Odom is the real-world example of the modern beverage industry with a portfolio of products from beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. Encompass and Odom have a shared vision of the industry and we look forward to this journey.

Patrick Tickle

CEO, Encompass

About The Odom Corporation: The Odom Corporation is a family-owned business that distributes the best in brand-name beverages throughout Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Hawaii. Since 1934, Odom has built and maintained lasting relationships through the principles of commitment, integrity, quality products, and superior service. The company takes pride in these traditions and is dedicated to maintaining them for generations to come. 

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