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On-Premise Data Analytics Advance Supply Chain Connectivity As Encompass Partners With BeerBoard

BeerBoard and Encompass announce a strategic partnership to advance supply chain connectivity by integrating real-time analytics solutions that enhance ordering, inventory, and sales for on-premise retailers and producers.

June 2, 2023

Encompass has partnered with BeerBoard, a suite of tech solutions providing on-premise retailers with in-depth data and analytics software that promotes the growth and development of inventory management, ordering, and sales. This partnership will strengthen distributor relationships to on-premise retailers through advanced, real-time data analytics and broader supply chain connectivity.

BeerBoard's partnership with Encompass Technologies represents a game-changer for the alcohol industry. By bringing together our industry-leading technologies, we will provide retailers, distributors, and producers with unmatched insight and control. This will help them optimize their operations, drive revenue, and create a better experience for their customers.

Mark Young

Founder & CEO, BeerBoard

The integrated technologies will provide a comprehensive view of inventory levels, sales data, and ordering trends, enabling on-premise retailers to:

  • Optimize beverage programs

  • Improve distributor relationships

  • Mitigate out-of-stocks

  • Empower producers with real-time consumer insights

Distributors and producers will benefit from frictionless integration to online ordering portals, a reduction in off-day deliveries and out-of-stocks, and enhanced insights, empowering sales teams to strengthen on-premise relationships.

With the BeerBoard and Encompass partnership, distributors have the ability to connect with the largest on-premise chain retailers via eCommerce. This really shows how much further the industry can go when tech firms work together to connect the modern beverage supply chain.

Bill Kraich

VP of eCommerce, Encompass

BeerBoard partners with on-premise retailers of every size, including independent groups and major operators like Buffalo Wild Wings, the nation’s largest on-premise beer retailer, Hooters, Twin Peaks, WingHouse, Mellow Mushroom, and Hickory Tavern. Buffalo Wild Wings and Twin Peaks recently chose to leverage BeerBoard’s SmartOrders platform to drive ordering and inventory for its complete alcohol management. Currently, the BeerBoard SmartOrders platform has: 

  • 1,200+ connected distributors receiving orders (and counting)

  • 100,000 orders placed (and counting)

The joint solution will enable distributors to leverage on-premise retail data and analytics to make smarter sales decisions and enhance online ordering. To learn how this joint solution can help your business grow, connect with an Encompass expert today.

Additional coverage of the Encompass and BeerBoard partnership can be seen on:, Brewbound, and Beer Business Daily.

About BeerBoard

BeerBoard is the leading technology solutions provider for the hospitality industry, enabling retailers and suppliers to make fact-based decisions about their complete alcohol management. The company manages more than $1 billion in alcohol sales and 100,000 products through its industry-leading solution. Its patented digital platform captures, analyzes, and reports real-time data related to alcohol performance, ordering, inventory, and payments. The versatile platform is easily operated from a single dashboard, and it has streamlined operations and increased top and bottom-line revenue for operations of every size across the United States. Find out more about how BeerBoard is changing the alcohol industry at

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