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Night Shift Brewing Improves Forecasting

A growing brewery now has the tools to forecast the business material needs and costs with Encompass Production Cloud

May 27, 2020

Easily forecast your materials and costs with Encompass Production Cloud


Production Cloud helped us solve our financial and inventory management challenges in one sweep.

Phil Bates

Production Coordinator at Night Shift Brewing

Night Shift Brewing was founded in 2012 by three friends who were passionate about home-brewing and entrepreneurship. Their nocturnal hobby has now grown into a brewery, taprooms, a distributing business and even a coffee roasting business. But at the beginning of the business’s life, they knew they needed a business management solution that would grow alongside the business and even facilitate its growth.

Their previous management systems just could not connect their financials and inventory like they needed, which created many management challenges and headaches. Their disparate systems created unnecessary work and dual entry that diverted their time away from creating better products and experiences for their customers and community.

Production Cloud solved Night Shift’s financial and inventory management challenges all in one sweep. With all their production, inventory, sales and financials tied together within one beverage management solution, Night Shift gained the transparency and knowledge they needed across their entire business. Production Cloud's integrations and reports provided a complete picture of their brewery operations, financial and sales as well as the inventory they have available to promise, giving Night Shift more time to focus on their strategy and future.

Integrating their operations with Production Cloud has not only given Night Shift complete transparency over their business, but the information they’ve gained with Production Cloud has helped them plan ahead and save operational costs. Just one example of this is how Night Shift has utilized Production Cloud's ability to generate demand forecasts and Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) utility to determine the required inventory materials they needed to fulfill their sales orders for the year.

I was able to use MRP to plan out and show our entire hop requirements for 2019… Having that information when we went into contract negotiations wound up saving us a significant amount of money.

Phil Bates

Production Coordinator at Night Shift Brewing

By utilizing MRP, Night Shift was able to plan out their entire hop requirements for 2019 before negotiations with suppliers. With this information in hand, they were able to save thousands of dollars on their needed hops in 2019 compared to 2018 even though they needed a larger volume. These savings gave them the ability to financially focus more on their location and product expansions.

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