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The Power of Integrated Processes with Crux Fermentation Project

Crux Fermentation Project leveraged Production Cloud to integrate their processes, giving them a single source of the truth for their entire operation, fueling growth, and fostering new levels of brewer creativity.


May 27, 2020

Implementing an ERP when you're large can be incredibly costly, so while we were smaller, more agile, we laid the groundwork.

Stephanie McVey

Former CFO at Crux Fermentation Project

Crux Fermentation Project started as just that; a passion project of the owner and CEO Larry Sidor. After retirement, he knew he wanted to work on a dream of his, which he always had since his days back in college as a food science major. He began Crux Fermentation Project in the crux of Bend, Oregon in 2012, so he and his team could experiment and create the best craft beers to share with their community. While Crux is focused on passion for beer, Larry and his team knew that they had to grow the brewery into a profitable business to continue to share the passion with the Bend community. And the tool they trust to do just that is Encompass Production Cloud, our all-in-one beverage management software.

What differentiates Crux Fermentation Project is their unique view on crafting beers. Larry doesn’t want to do things the easy way. He and his team loves the challenge of creating craft beers with flavor profiles the world has never seen. And that means sourcing ingredients and barrels both nationally and internationally with galaxy hops in Australia, unique grains in Belgium and barrels from renowned wineries, for example.

“[Before Production Cloud], the management of our systems were sporadic. And each department had their own way of doing things… Production Cloud innovated our processes and information, so we can continue to grow.

Stephanie McVey

Former CFO at Crux Fermentation Project

Production Cloud helps Crux make that mission a reality. In 2016, Crux Fermentation Project implemented Production Cloud to help them streamline the management of their production processes, gain a deeper understanding of their costs and transformed their sporadic systems into a system that provided them a single source of truth for their entire operation.

With Production Cloud, Crux is able to track every cost associated with their batches of beer, which helps them knows exactly how to price their beers and maximize their margins instead of pricing based on their competitors. And with those increased margins, Larry and his team has the ability to pour more resources into their passion: creating unique beers the Bend community can continue to enjoy time and time again.

Ready to modernize your brewery? Learn how Encompass Production Cloud can help you achieve your goals.

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