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Case Study: Humm Kombucha Consolidates Data With Orchestra ERP

Humm Kombucha learned to run their business in real-time by consolidating all their data and leveraging it to make informed and efficient decisions.


May 27, 2020

Orchestra supports Humm Kombucha’s continued growth

Humm Kombucha-Production

Orchestra is our system of record and keeps us going from start to finish, from purchasing, to production, through invoicing, receiving cash, paying the bills.

Carina Peterson

Director of Finance at Humm Kombucha

Humm Kombucha’s founders, Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell created the company on the foundation of inclusion for all, staff and customers alike. They asked how business could be different by asking questions like, “What if we treated staff and business partners with as much love and respect and honor as exists within the cherished relationship of mother and child?” And they wanted that same love and respect to be apparent in the healthy craft kombucha they produce.

As the company grew, they knew that they needed help facilitating that growth as they didn’t have a centralized system, which made it hard to make informed decisions. Data was in many spreadsheets and there were so many challenges of keeping data up to date or knowing if it was accurate. They needed a software that would recall reports in real-time and that they could trust the accuracy of the data, so they could be more efficient in their decision making and make the right decisions at the right time.

Orchestra has allowed us to support our continued growth and consolidate our information, so we can make informed and efficient decisions about the business and where we want to take it.

Carina Peterson

Director of Finance at Humm Kombucha

Since 2014, Humm Kombucha has trusted Orchestra as it’s system of record. Orchestra helped them consolidate their data in one place and minimize errors. From purchasing to production through finances and sales, Orchestra has equipped Humm Kombucha with the tools to make more informed decisions and streamline their production processes, so they can focus on what they know best: crafting the best kombucha for all walks of life to enjoy.

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