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Reliable and Accurate Data With Encompass Production Cloud Helps 2 Towns Ciderhouse Innovate

2 Towns Ciderhouse is recording and analyzing reliable and accurate data insights in Production Cloud to make more informed business decisions.


May 27, 2020

Data is more reliable and accurate

There's so much opportunity out there if you're paying attention to the right things. Encompass is a very important business partner for us.

Justin Vail

CFO at 2 Towns Ciderhouse

Since 2010, 2 Towns Ciderhouse has been creating craft cider that’s accessible to everyone by utilizing quality Northwest ingredients and practices. Cider that is bold, unique and filled with energy, ready to put a smile on anyone’s face. As they've grown, in order to get their delicious cider into the hands of more people to enjoy, they knew that they needed to innovate, and they needed a better way to record and analyze operational data to make more informed business decisions. They needed to ensure that they were making business decisions on data that was constantly reliable and accurate. That’s when they reached out to Encompass.


We are only as good as the data behind the decisions we're making. So, it gives us a lot more confidence that we're making more informed decisions.

Justin Vail

CFO at 2 Towns Ciderhouse

Production Cloud's all-in-one beverage management solution, equipped 2 Towns Ciderhouse with the tools to organize their data being tracked in disparate systems all across the company into one singular place, so everyone is looking at the same data. Instead of spending so much time collecting production, inventory, financial & sales data in different places, Production Cloud helps them integrate into one place, making it easy to pull reports to gain a deeper understanding of their costs and discover opportunities to expand their margins and increase sales. Not only does it help 2 Towns Ciderhouse understand their costs and sales, but Production Cloud has given them the tools to better forecast their needed inventory and material costs.

Equipped with the knowledge of their needed inventory for the year, 2 Towns Ciderhouse has been able to better promise their needed inventory with key partners, which has allowed them to be nimbler financially. And this ability to be nimble, equipped with software that gives them the confidence that they are making more informed decisions, has made them best poised to take advantage of opportunities that grow the business and allows them to share their bold, unique ciders with more people.

Ready to modernize your business? Learn how Encompass Production Cloud can help you achieve your goals.

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