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Encompass Technologies and Wise Systems Spearhead Innovation with Strategic Planner Launch

Whether conducting a seasonal re-route, adding a new territory, determining optimal resource allocation, or adding a retailer, Strategic Planner utilizes real-time data to enhance agility and responsiveness.

May 7, 2024

Fort Collins, CO — Encompass Technologies is thrilled to announce the launch of Strategic Planner, an integrated strategic route planning solution built to empower distributors to navigate the complexities of modern markets with unprecedented ease and efficiency. As the latest enhancement to Encompass Distribution Cloud, made possible in partnership with Wise Systems, Strategic Planner seeks to increase operational efficiencies, optimize resources, and enhance customer service and delivery performance. The cloud-native open platform of Encompass was designed from the ground up to support both built-in innovation and ease of integration of best-of-breed solutions.

Strategic Planner is designed to address complexities faced by distributors today, including ever-changing consumer trends, retail expansion, rising resource costs, labor challenges, and more. As distribution networks grow in complexity, the need for a strategic approach to routing becomes imperative. Strategic Planner meets this need by providing a robust solution that uses real-time data to make decisions that enhance operational efficiency and agility.

Strategic Planner enables distributors to:

  • Increase Operational Agility & Efficiency: Strategic Planner moves beyond traditional cumbersome ways of strategic route planning, offering a dynamic and integrated solution that adapts to market changes swiftly. This solution allows for the clustering of stops based on geographic efficiency and priority, with flexible editing tools to quickly respond to operational changes. Integrating data into Wise System’s Strategic Planner allows distributors to focus on plans while routes are automatically transferred back into Encompass.

  • Maximize Customer Service: Strategic Planner incorporates critical variables such as customer delivery windows, allowing distribution teams to ensure timely and efficient service. Enhanced route balancing also guarantees that customers receive consistent, reliable deliveries.

  • Optimize Resources: With the scarcity of CDL drivers, Strategic Planner offers vital tools for assessing the required number of delivery vehicles and drivers. It also supports scenario planning for potential expansions or adjustments, helping companies make informed decisions about their fleet and personnel.

  • Improve Labor Retention: By ensuring equitable workload distribution and balanced route assignments, Strategic Planner helps distribution teams maintain a predictable and manageable work schedule, significantly boosting team morale and retention.

Whether conducting a seasonal re-route, adding a new territory, determining optimal resource allocation, or adding a retailer, Strategic Planner simplifies route optimization, resource allocation, and customer service enhancement, helping distributors adapt quickly to changes and expand efficiently.

"We are thrilled to enter this strategic partnership with Wise Systems to introduce Strategic Planner, a solution designed not only to meet the current needs of our industry but to propel it into the future," said Patrick Tickle, CEO of Encompass Technologies." This collaboration underscores our commitment to accelerate innovation and the power of our open platform by providing our customers with the most modern, usable, and seamlessly integrated solutions."

“We are excited to introduce an embedded and seamless Strategic Planner experience alongside our partners at Encompass,” said Chazz Sims, CEO of Wise Systems. Together, we are crafting the perfect integrated delivery experience by helping distributors determine how to better manage their complex operations and reduce manual work. Our joint offering will allow operations more visibility and solutions that focus on cost and customer experience.”

About Encompass:

From maker to market, Encompass Technologies is revolutionizing how technology supports the modern beverage industry. The Encompass Digital Platform connects thousands of global producers, distributors, and retailers. 

With Encompass, all players across the beverage supply chain are connected to form a network that allows everyone to work together to maximize sales, minimize empty shelves, and eliminate waste. 

With more than 20 years of experience providing beverage management software solutions, Encompass Technologies has built a reputation for moving the industry forward and fundamentally changing how beverages are made and brought to market.

About Wise Systems:

Trusted by the world’s largest brands, Wise Systems is a delivery automation platform that streamlines every step of last-mile delivery operations. For teams that want to strike the perfect balance between customer experience and operational efficiency, the Wise Systems platform continuously improves customer service and fleet efficiency and reduces fleet mileage, carbon footprint, and late deliveries. Wise Systems is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. For more information, visit

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