Omnibibulous (om·ni·bib’yoo-lǝs)

Adj. Able or likely to drink almost anything.

Modern producers have figured out how to capture business from omnibibulous consumers. Producers who aren’t considering modern consumer habits are missing out on enormous growth potential. Multi-segment production and the right technology can change that.


Future-proof your business with multi-segment beverage production

The emergence of new product segments is impossible to ignore. By not tapping into the nuance of modern consumer preference, beverage producers are missing out on enormous profit and growth potential. It’s time to change that. Here’s how…

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Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast: Future-proofing your brewery, a conversation brought to you by Encompass

3 leaders at the intersection of brewing & tech—Patrick Tickle, CEO, Encompass, Dave Thibodeau, co-founder, Ska Brewing, & Cole Hackbarth, VP of brewing operations, Rhinegeist—discuss strategies for managing a brewery through today's turbulent environment.

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joined the Encompass Network with 60%+ producing beyond-beer products

39 wholesalers

representing 154 warehouses went live with Encompass

125K+ retailers

began using dsdlink online ordering resulting in 336K transactions totaling $435M+ processed with paylink

10 new industry partners

joined the Encompass PartnerLink program

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You can’t keep up with consumer demand without technology

Regardless of production volume, producers need to leverage technology to remain competitive. Leveraging data within your operation and across the larger beverage industry is difficult when you don’t have the right software and supply chain connections in place.


Support your business no matter what direction you decide to take it

“We implemented a full-scale, connected ERP and Self-Distribution software which enabled us to leverage data and analytics in new ways. Since then, we’ve expanded distribution into new states while simultaneously developing Palo Pinto Craft Cocktails and a hard seltzer brand called Awesome Sauce. It’s really amazing what our teams have accomplished with the right technology taking over so many of the processes that blocked us from this kind of innovation in the past.”

Cody Martin, Owner, Martin House Brewing Company


Plug into a powerful network and unlock the power of connectivity

Supply chain connectivity and cross-tier collaboration empower the industry to operate in sync, ensuring the right products are in the right place, at the right time.

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