Warehouse management & voice picking that work with your existing RAS

Get 24/7 access to real-time information, including inventory, picking, mapped routing, vehicle planning, and business tools.

Warehouses today demand the ability to adapt when customers, technology, and costs change. Managers and pickers need innovative technology to get their jobs done efficiently without sacrificing quality. Encompass provides an expandable cloud-based framework that encourages comprehensive advancements. Eliminate barriers and grow to your full potential today with the industry's first all-in-one RAS +WMS solution from Encompass.


Direct your warehouse with WMS

For warehouse managers, Encompass removes repetitive processes that waste time and resources. The result is liberation from inefficiencies, leaving more time to analyze and manage more effectively.

Directed Replenishment and Put Away functions save managers valuable time they would otherwise use identifying needs and delegating tasks. Directed Inventory Count lets users establish plans and stop worrying about missing important items that need to be counted.


Manage warehouse inventory

Encompass makes warehouse inventory management easy by offering software that helps reduce close-dated products, manage oversold scenarios, and provide up-to-date counts to sales and delivery in the field.


Streamline Picking & Loading

Pick efficiently with voice pick software and Encompass pick-to-light system (Learn more about Warehouse Automation), and load quickly with drag-and-drop bay space management. Save time and maximize labor force with staging bins, customizable pick rules, and dynamically generated pick line replenishment plans.

Advance Beverage (Bakersfield, CA) And Encompass

“WMS has improved our operation in every facet of the warehouse.”

— Dana Hamilton
Director of Operations, Advance Beverage

Watch how Advance Beverage in Bakersfield, CA uses Encompass Warehouse Management System to manage SKU proliferation/complexity and other warehouse challenges.

Improve Forecasting

Improve Forecasting

Use today's data to drive tomorrow's decisions. Track productivity and financials as they happen, project sales, auto-generate POs, schedule dock times, and more.

Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Maximize warehouse efficiency with daily route optimization, and “what-if” territory planning. Combine the right pick strategy with the right SKU location to balance the workload of voice pickers, Encompass pick-to-light system (learn more about Warehouse Automation), replenishment, truck loading, and more.

Simplify Palletization

Simplify Palletization

Cut complications and simplify palletization with a comprehensive rule-based system that facilitates an easy-to-use "3-clicks-to-pick" process.


Integrate with Warehouse Control Systems

Using the Encompass WMS system doesn't mean giving up your existing warehouse automation capabilities. Vital automation requirements such as picking, sorting, and diverting products via robotics and conveyors are seamlessly incorporated into WMS.

Encompass also offers a full suite of warehouse automation products, including Encompass conveyor systems, Pick-To-Light devices, Pallet Vision QA devices, and more. Learn more about Warehouse Automation and how we can help you integrate.

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