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Integrated Financials Accounting Software


RAS + Integrated Financials

Take your business to the next level by leveraging an in-depth financial management software solution seamlessly integrated with your operational data.

Encompass Integrated Financials provides an integrated, sustainable, and result-oriented financial accounting software from early manufacturing to last-mile delivery.


A single source for all of your financial data

Encompass Integrated Financials collects data from the Encompass suite of solutions to give users a complete financial picture.

  • All of your data is located in one spot. There is no need to reconcile multiple systems, as Encompass’s accounting software provides a real-time, single source of truth, automated from end to end.
  • As sales come in and orders go out, financial integration automatically records the transactions to showcase real-time accounting.
  • The financial accounting software provides real-time visibility to close your books by the end of the day. Turn a multiple-week cycle into a single-day process so you can make informed decisions before your financial data turns stale.

Robust reporting in a consumable format

Integrated reports provide a concise view of complex enterprises.

  • Web based reports in the Encompass Fusion reporting engine are easily shared and consumed, exportable to excel and more.
  • Pre-built reports are available based on industry best practices for ease of use and convenience. Reports are as detailed or simplified as you need, and dashboards can be configured to your specific requirements with easy-to-use drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • As your team enters transactions, financial integration keeps detailed auditing records of all the data so you can view who entered information into the system, when the journal entry was added, and recover information as needed.

Manage with any device

Your team can enter invoices through a secure web page for anytime access to accounts payable and receivable.

  • Import invoices as they arrive or schedule on a recurring basis depending on your needs.
  • Invoices, payments, bills, check are automatically posted to the general ledger to remove double-entry errors and convey a cohesive financial overview.

Accelerated and automated bank and subledger reconciliations

Integrated Financials imports and matches transactions, balancing the books across multiple vendors and accounts.

  • Bank and credit card reconciliation allows import and automated matching of transactions to reduce time and effort and ensure correct tracking.
  • Day close checks and balances ensure subledgers accounts match your business operations so you can clearly see any discrepancies and troubleshoot immediately.

Develop and manage budgets

Encompass integrated dashboards distill your financial data into easy-to-digest reports to provide a concise overview when you need it.

  • Access real-time financial visibility from the device of your choice.
  • View a comprehensive overview and drill down into specific transactions to gather more detailed information regarding the financial health of your business.
  • Reduce manual entry errors when comparing budgeted versus actual costs.
Industry verified

“The ability to have our sales and financials in a single integrated system has already proven its advantages. There is great potential in what the system will allow us to do in the future.”

— Tyler Krecklow, IT Manager, Quality Brands


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