Grow your business, maximize sales, and reduce out of stocks with Retail Insights

Improve forecasting to meet demand

In today’s rapidly changing environment, the ability to accurately forecast demand and easily build orders is key for the success of retailers and distributors alike. Connection to live POS data is the link that can bring your store’s efficiency and performance to the next level.


Inventory intelligence made easy

Gain access to rich data insights that will help you and your sales reps mitigate out of stocks, aid in proactively managing stagnant items, minimize distribution voids on specialty items, reduce phantom inventory occurrences, and more.


Help your distributors help you

The POS connection captures product quantity levels and provides that to your distributors within the Encompass platform, so they can build data-driven orders. Recommended orders optimize time spent with your sales reps - saving time and maximizing efficiency.


Identify growth opportunities

The inventory feed highlights consumer purchasing behavior and identifies growth opportunities specific to your inventory and tailored to your business needs.

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