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Streamline your beverage ordering process

As consumers demand variety along with new and exciting products, self-ordering is becoming increasingly important. Selling such a large number of products can add complexity to your operations; however, self-ordering can help.

dsdlink is a free, easy-to-use app and online tool built to streamline your beverage ordering processes.


With dsdlink, you can:

  • Browse suggested products that are selling well in your market.
  • Take advantage of discounts and promotions.
  • Discover and search all products available for purchase at your distributor.
  • Remain informed with accurate pricing for the day of delivery.
  • View previous orders and edit upcoming orders for any last-minute changes.
  • Get started and begin ordering in 5 minutes or less.
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Integrated Payment Processing

dsdlink includes seamless payment processing with paylink

Modernize your payment processing with paylink, an easier, more secure way to pay.

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