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Strategic decision making and accurate forecasting with real-time data

Few things are more frustrating and counterproductive than delayed reports that contain inaccurate data. Our Distributor Reporting feature delivers accurate, live data in real time, enhancing strategic decision-making and demand forecasting. The results are on-track goals and incentives, better-stocked shelves, and happy distributors.


Streamlined data visualization

Harness aggregated retail sales and inventory data from all distributors. Distributor Reporting gives you the ability to use this data with modern third-party tools, allowing you to unlock unprecedented innovation through comprehensive, customizable reports that can be saved and easily accessed any time.


Superior execution

Distributor Reporting allows you to focus on business objectives by eliminating burdensome data collection requirements. Now you'll have more time to collaborate and communicate with your distributors.


Getting started is easy

Distributor Reporting is part of our mission to digitally connect the supply chain. We’re here to help you solve your problems so it's 100% free of charge!

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