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Modern, simplified payments with Encompass paylink payment solution

paylink is a payment processing tool fully integrated with dsdlink and Encompass Cloud

Advance operational savings

Advance operational savings

Payment flexibility is the key to a streamlined distributor to retailer relationship. paylink can help you save time and eliminate manual processes to create operational savings for your company as a whole.

Maximize delivery efficiency

Maximize delivery efficiency

Do you know how much time your delivery drivers are spending waiting to collect payments from your retailers? paylink decreases that wasted time by allowing drivers to collect payments with flexible, contactless payment solution options like remote check capture, card, or ACH instead of collecting physical checks.

Get paid faster

Get paid faster

Get paid on time, and get paid faster with modern, flexible payment methods. Outdated payment methods can result in anywhere between $50,000 - $100,000 in bounced checks, and time spent collecting past due payments.

Eliminate manual AR reconciliation

Eliminate manual AR reconciliation

At the end of the day, your drivers will no longer have to take a bundle of checks back to the office where they’re manually reconciled. Payments are automatically reconciled and integrated with your Encompass system.

"paylink is a fast and efficient way to collect payments. We are on track to take in more money this month via paylink than we have year to date. It has also been a convenient way to help clear up past due invoices with the one time payment option through our customers bank or credit card."

– Kim Schillenger, Bentwater Brewing Company

The power of paylink

  • Improve your bottom line
  • Gain transactional efficiencies
  • Speed up getting paid with 24 hour payout
  • Simplify the payout process
  • Save time with automated reconciliation
  • Easy access to the info you need
Streamline Payments
  • Generate a QR code for retailers to quickly scan and pay
  • Utilize Remote Check Capture to speed up collection time
  • Set up automated statements to make sure you get paid on time
  • Allow retailers to save payment methods, and set up auto-pay to make paying as easy as possible
  • All-in-one platform for your retailers
  • Simple and intuitive experience
  • Quick and easy signup and management
  • No more waiting for checks
  • paylink exceeds payment card industry data security standards
  • Leverage tokenization to facilitate risk-free card or account on-file payment acceptance
  • No risk of storing sensitive cardholder data locally or in a software application
Simplify Retail Ordering

paylink + dsdlink = frictionless eCommerce and contactless payments

dsdlink is an eCommerce platform for streamlined beverage ordering that integrates with any RAS and puts your portfolio in your retailer’s pocket.

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“dsdlink & paylink provide our sales & service teams with the means to streamline many of the non-selling functions that bog down the 3-tier system & reinvest this reclaimed time into the areas that truly add value to our relationship with our retailers."

– Thomas Johnstone, VP of Sales Technology & Strategy, Eagle Rock Distributing Company

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