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dsdlink is an eCommerce platform for streamlined beverage ordering that integrates with any RAS

With eCommerce and SKU proliferation on the rise, self-ordering is becoming increasingly important. Selling and promoting a large number of SKU's can add time and complexity to your operations; however, self-ordering can help. In fact, accounts who place their orders online typically outperform traditional ordering accounts.

dsdlink is an eCommerce platform that transfers the responsibility of taking orders from your sales reps to the retailer and allows the retailer to place orders at their convenience.

With dsdlink, you can:

  • Save valuable service time by transferring the task of order entry from your sales rep to the retailer.
  • Empower your sales team to focus on displays, placements, execution, and customer service.
  • Create and track the effectiveness of ads to promote featured products and increase placements.
  • Stay connected to retailers through customized alerts regarding invoice products, pricing, and delivery status.
  • Keep track of customer sign ups, order placements, and more with extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Manage sales rep workload and improve quality of life.
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Integrated Payment Processing

dsdlink includes seamless payment processing with paylink

Modernize your payment processing with paylink, an easy, integrated, and secure way to improve your bottom line and get paid faster.

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