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An e-commerce platform for streamlined beverage ordering that integrates with any RAS

With e-commerce and SKU proliferation on the rise, self-ordering is becoming increasingly important. Selling and promoting a large number of SKU's can add time and complexity to your operations; however, self-ordering can help. In fact, accounts who place their orders online typically outperform traditional ordering accounts.

DSDLink is an e-commerce platform that transfers the responsibility of taking orders from your sales reps to the retailer and allows the retailer to place orders at their convenience.

With DSDLink, you can:

  • Save valuable service time by transferring the task of order entry from your sales rep to the retailer.
  • Empower your sales team to focus on displays, placements, execution, and customer service.
  • Create and track the effectiveness of ads to promote featured products and increase placements.
  • Stay connected to retailers through customized alerts regarding invoice products, pricing, and delivery status.
  • Keep track of customer sign ups, order placements, and more with extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Manage sales rep workload and improve quality of life.
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