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Improve forecasting to meet demand

In today's competitive environment, the ability to accurately forecast demand and easily build recommended orders is key to gaining a competitive advantage. Connection to live POS data is the link that can make this competitive advantage a reality.

“Today went great. I cut a ton of time off taking inventory and was able to talk promos and have other valuable conversations with the buyer.“

- Sales Representative, Eagle Rock Distributing Company

Make better business decisions

Live retail inventory and depletions data is populated into the Encompass Mobile selling platform, enabling sales reps to improve upon their execution in the market. Insights are categorized into inventory groups that allow sales teams to manage SKU level inventory with maximum efficiency.

  • Mitigate

    out of stocks
  • Proactively manage

    stagnant items
  • Minimize

    distribution voids on mandated products
  • Reduce

    phantom inventory occurrences

Use market intelligence to help sales representatives arrive at a recommended order using recent sales trends and account-specific purchasing behaviors. With data that serves you, your sales representatives can spend more time selling and less time counting.


The inventory feed helps predict consumer behavior and identifies growth opportunities by forecasting sales levels, future demand for products, and more. Drive data-driven decision-making with Rate of Sale, Sales Volume, and Run-Rate reporting.

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