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We Are Encompass

July 23, 2018

We are Encompass Technologies, nice to meet you.

From the beginning, Encompass has been different. Based on being founded as a college project, its progressive culture or non traditional perks, it's different.

First off, our values are held high, and we stick to them. Encompass was built on, and continues to operate on a set of values that have defined us throughout the years.

  • Figure it out

  • Do the right thing

  • Use the team

Our employees work hard to keep these values alive and at the forefront of their everyday schedule.

As a company working in a competitive industry, we expect lots of self motivated hard work from our employees. Because of that hard work and motivation, Encompass offers several perks so employees can sustain a healthy lifestyle and keep pursuing their personal goals.

The Office

The Encompass office environment was crafted and organized to resemble its culture. It was created to be a place where employees could showcase their personal drive to work with teams, and communicate fast and effectively. We even have a job position titled Purveyor of Happiness dedicated to keeping employees happy around the office with perks, snacks, events and more.

The office area is one large room with collections of desks organized respectively to teams. There are 4 doors in the office total, excluding the bathrooms, reserved for meeting rooms. Even the owners office doesn't have a door.

With that kind of space, people work quick and together to produce the best product they possibly can.

One perk of working at Encompass are the areas away from the desks. In office, there is a fully stocked kitchen, where employees can keep food for lunches, and cook whenever they want.

Being a part of the beverage industry also has its advantages such as a fully stocked fridge of all kinds of drinks (yes, including beer). But, what if the sun is shining, and employees do not want to be stuck inside? Hop on out to the balcony where there is lots of seating, a view of the poudre river and a grill. Cook for one, cook for all.


PTF: Paid Time Fitness. A long time ago, the head honchos of Encompass wanted to make sure that employees were encouraged to sustain and pursue a healthy lifestyle during the work week. That's when they created Paid Time Fitness.

Every day, any full time employee is offered 30 minutes of free time, as long as it is used for exercise. It's like recess in Elementary School, but for adults. In addition to the 30 minutes a day, employees are also offered a free gym membership to Old Town Athletic Club (a 2 minute walk down the road) where employees have access to normal gym equipment, CrossFit, yoga, etc.

"There is a productivity drop after working 4-6 hours. Taking a 30 minute break in the middle of the day helps employees refresh and refocus to keep up motivations" says Kim O'Neil, VP of Onboarding.

"We were seeing desk work combined with restaurant food and travel taking a toll on employee health, so we knew we had to change something. We care about our team as a whole, and feel encouraged to give them time to proactively take care of themselves".

The best thing is that it is not restricted to working out in a gym, only something different from sitting at a desk. When employees don't want to leave the office we also offer in house yoga twice a week led by Nicole, our Purveyor of Happiness. Check out below how Encompass employees utilize their time with PTF.


There are a number of other perks Encompass offers to employees, all to help continue their education and stay safe. One of these is Uber.

We, Encompass, know that our employees are responsible adults who enjoy adult beverages, such as alcohol. If an employee gets into a position where they need a ride home, they have the option to take an Uber ride paid for by Encompass, no questions asked. Encompass wants to make sure the same number of employees come into the office Monday morning who left on Friday afternoon.

Another popular perk is the educational stipend. Encompass believes that people should have the opportunity to continually learn new things, especially if it will help them personally grow to assist the company.

Hiring employees for any company is also an investment. At Encompass, any person we hire is a long term investment that we believe will help the company be better than it was before. When people who are self motivated are offered a $1,000 yearly stipend to become a better version of themselves, they take it and use it well.

We are proud to be Encompass employees, and if you work with us, we appreciate the time we get to spend with you.

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