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Watch the 4.9.0 Upgrade Training Webinar

Watch the Orchestrated 4.9.0 Upgrade Training Webinar to learn more about Orchestrated's new key-feature additions and enhancements.

August 25, 2020

Walk through the latest and greatest Orchestrated release yet with the 4.9.0 upgrade. In the Orchestrated 4.9.0 Upgrade Training Webinar, learn more about our key feature additions and enhancements like:

  • 4.9.0 release highlights

  • Bill of Materials restructure

  • Purchasing and Sales documents

  • DRO updates

  • Rebarreling and more!

Watch the webinar above and download the slide deck below to learn more!

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Download the "Orchestrated 4.9.0 Upgrade Training Webinar" Slide Deck

Learn more about the 4.9.0 Upgrade's key feature additions and enhancements.

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