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Using a Reliable Cloud-Based Platform to Navigate Challenges

March 23, 2020

Using a Reliable Cloud-Based Platform to Navigate Challenges

As we face this unprecedented situation together, it’s important to stay positive and handle the situation the best we can. While we hope COVID-19 subsides soon and creates minimal impact on your business, it’s no secret that it has already affected every single one of us in one way or another. Many aspects of this situation are well outside of human control, but what you can take control of is what tools you use to ensure your business keeps moving forward.

A Comprehensive Cloud-Based System for Success in Any Environment

Encompass is a fully cloud-based system, which makes working from home possible. When situations arise where remote work is the only option, it’s important to have a remotely accessible system in place so you can quickly pivot and resume operations.

Dynamic Routing Opportunities to Stay In Control of Deliveries

As we see more and more on-premise establishments close, routing is certainly one of the challenges that wholesalers are currently facing. Encompass has multiple solutions for this problem including creating temporary route versions, and using Route Planner and route optimization to maximize efficiency. In addition, our Professional Services Team is able to assist with routing projects like this, as well as providing training on such topics.

A Retailer Ordering Platform to Keep Business Going While Maintaining Social Distance

Our retailer ordering platform, DSDLink, allows retailers to place orders at their convenience - anywhere, anytime, from any device. There’s no need to send your sales reps to each retailer, so you and your team can stay safe and practice social distancing. Hear how distributors using DSDLink have been navigating this situation:

“During these difficult times, DSDLink’s online ordering allows us to serve our local businesses at the same time helping reduce human contact for our employees and accounts.”

- Shawn Robertson, On-Premise Sales Manager, Fisher59

“We have had several local retailers shut down. We are doing everything we can to help them keep their doors open. DSDLink’s ordering platform helps us do that during this epidemic, and the Encompass DSDLink support team has been there to support us every step of the way.”

- Adam Waugh, VP Planning & Development, Capitol Beverage

“DSDLink has been a great tool for us during the spread of COVID-19. We have been able to continue to support our retailers by allowing them to order online which helps us reduce human interaction while allowing our customers to continue to receive the service they need.”

- Joseph Schilleci, Chief Revenue Officer, Supreme Beverage

Cloud-Based Communication Tools to Maintain Productivity

Just because your team is working from home does not mean that productivity has to suffer. Tasks allow managers to communicate with their team effectively while having an organized approach to work that needs to be done. Other tools like eChat take communication one step further by eliminating the need to use a third-party chat system. There are some aspects of working remotely that become difficult, one of which is the ability to provide in-person help. Our tool, Encompass Reflect, allows managers to support personnel in the field by allowing them to view another user’s screen, whether that’s on the mobile app or on their computer, and quickly communicate to that user how to proceed. Verbal communication in remote situations can also be incredibly valuable. Encompass Voice provides an organized phone system that can be used to keep in contact with all employees and route external calls to the best person for the question.

Warehouse Automation to Keep Your Business Operating With Minimal Staff

During Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Del Papa Distributing in Texas City, TX was able to leverage their Warehouse Automation System to keep up with business while the storm prevented some employees from making it to the warehouse. The simple, easy-to-use system allowed Del Papa to source people from other departments to work in the warehouse and get orders out the door. Eric Joseph, VP of Operations, noted that they saw a 25% increase in warehouse productivity and an 80% reduction in overtime hours.

We’re committed to being a reliable business partner to help our customers make it through the toughest of times. Although external circumstances have changed, our mission as a company has not. We’re here to provide innovative solutions to help your business become more efficient as we collectively solve industry problems. We hope you and your families are staying safe during these difficult times.

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