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UGM 2019 - An Experience You Should Not Miss

April 1, 2019

UGM 2019 - An Experience You Should Not Miss

Encompass User Group Meeting (UGM) is an annual event focused on bringing distributors together. At UGM, distributors are able to network with peers, learn about new features within Encompass and develop strategies for success.

Why should I attend UGM?

Imagine your Encompass investment is a car. Cars need regular maintenance like oil changes to continue running in the most efficient and productive way possible. In this analogy, UGM is the oil change. UGM is an opportunity for distributors to take a fresh look at Encompass, tune-up, and truly take advantage of all that Encompass has to offer to ensure that their business will continue running smoothly.

Kim Copeland, Accounting Supervisor at Capital Distributing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is a long-time User Group Meeting attendee. When asked about the benefits she has experienced from attending User Group Meetings, here's what she had to say:

"From the very first UGM, I have come home excited about what is to come. I feel like I make connections not only with Encompass personnel but with other distributors. You are able to meet other people that are in the same position at your distributorship. The ability to bounce ideas off of other distributors is very useful."

What is the difference between UGM and other conferences or conventions?

UGM is different from other conferences for two main reasons. First, UGM is free of charge. That's right! There is no registration fee to attend. The only expenses associated with attending are travel and lodging fees. Second, Encompass representatives spend one-on-one time with every distributor who participates, providing each with individual attention. You are a guest that is personally known by name and you will not be lost in the crowd. This event is for you!

What's new this year?

New this year is our Vendor Showcase. Our featured platform partners will discuss the industry as a whole and how the distribution landscape is evolving. Encompass is a platform that is able to integrate with other software providers and is compatible with many different hardware peripherals. This year's Vendor Showcase allows distributors to learn more about current hardware and software offerings as well as engage in discussions about solutions that best suit their businesses needs.

Who should attend?

Managers, leaders and decision makers within your organization should attend. UGM is an experience focused around learning, but it is not designed to deliver elementary Encompass training.

What if I can't come?

We understand that summer can be a busy time of year and not all of you will be able to attend. If you are unable to participate this year, reach out and we can coordinate a face-to-face visit. We are happy to arrange on-site visits of have you come to Fort Collins for trainings, certifications and more!

At UGM you will learn tips and tricks to make the Encompass features you are already using work better! You will learn what is new with Encompass and the industry and will leave with new ideas about how to take your business to the next level. You will go home with new, valuable knowledge that will help you get back to work in a more productive and profitable way.

UGM 2019 is an experience you should not miss! To get registered, visit the UGM Dashboard on Support or give us a call at (970)449-8000.

Check out this UGM recap video and get pumped for UGM 2019! We look forward to seeing all of you in June.

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