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These 3 Organizations Champion Gender Equality in the BevAlc Industry

For International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting women-led industry organizations that are making big strides to champion gender equality in BevAlc. Here’s what these organizations are all about!

March 8, 2023

We are excited to highlight industry organizations that champion gender equality and empower women in the beverage business. These groups host events and provide opportunities for women in the industry to share information, learn and collaborate with fellow leaders.

Encompass is proud to be involved with these organizations, support their missions, and elevate the BevAlc employees who are making an impact. Learn about these organizations and how you can get involved! 

Pink Boots Society

With the goal of assisting, inspiring, and encouraging women and non-binary individuals in the BevAlc industry, Pink Boots Society advances careers through continued education. Involvement spans all three tiers of the industry, and members work together to raise money for educational sponsorships. 

I’m a member of the Fort Collins Pink Boots Chapter and most recently participated in a collaboration brew hosted at New Belgium for International Women’s Day. This is an annual activity each chapter participates in to celebrate women across the industry. Our 2023 collab beer is called ‘Century Strong.’ You can find it in cans or on draft tapping tomorrow March 8th International Women’s Day at the New Belgium Fort Collins taproom. Throughout my time working across the beer industry I’ve been so thankful for my Pink Boots relationships and the way it’s enabled me to grow as a professional.

Shelby Macario

Sales Executive & Pink Boots Society Member, Encompass

Get Involved: 

  • All women & non-binary individuals who meet Pink Boots Society’s qualifications can get involved HERE

  • Don’t match the qualifications? That’s ok. You can donate to Pink Boots Society HERE

BREW - Building Relationships & Empowering Women

Seeking a more inclusive beverage distribution industry, BREW aims to attract, connect, and elevate women. By tapping into women’s leadership capabilities, BREW accelerates organizational, cultural, and economic benefits. 

BREW has not only opened up the conversation about elevating women in beer, but put a roadmap in place to enact an industry-wide effort of collective change and empowerment. There are so many amazing women in this industry and I am grateful for organizations like BREW that provide those women with a platform to share their stories and wisdom. This brings new voices into the conversation, which strengthens the overall beverage community.

Hanna Hickert

Director of Marketing & BREW Member, Encompass

Get Involved

  • Group membership is free and open to any interested distributor members. You can join the mailing list by emailing NBWA at

  • For suppliers and retailers, join the Alliance for Women in Beer, seeking to unite the supply chain to foster an industry of choice & opportunity  

Women for WineSense

Brought to life in the 1990s, Women for WineSense is a non-profit, educational wine organization created by women, for everyone. As the premier wine and education networking organization, Women for WineSense connects wine enthusiasts to the world of wine through approachable, educational events that encourage the facilitation of meaningful connections through wine education. 

This amazing group of women has so much to offer. Learning from the industry leaders about how they got to where they are while sipping on wine and soaking in everything they have seen and done is amazing. There are great mentors, supporters, and leaders in the industry. I walk out of every meeting with a new friend. This group of women are shoulders to lean and are always eager to help you take your next steps in the wine industry. It’s great to be a part of a group with the same passion and vision.

Hillary Silva

Senior vintrace Account Executive & Women for WineSense Member, Encompass

Get Involved: 

  • Individual and business-level memberships are available HERE

  • Check out upcoming tastings and events HERE

Together, we are making strides in representation, women’s empowerment, and the celebration of our diverse industry. Get involved by enabling education, supporting each other, and doing your part to continue the advancement of our industry.

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