The Winemaker’s Database Inc. Joins The Encompass/vintrace Family

WMDB founders interlock shared vision of supporting wineries with Encompass/vintrace.

November 29, 2022

Encompass Technologies announced today that The Winemaker’s Database is joining Encompass’ vintrace family of wine production and vineyard management solutions. The combined entity now supports over 800 companies in the wine industry. The Winemaker’s Database Inc (WMDB) President and creator of WMDB, James Vahl, PH.D. and VP Emily Vahl are moving onto the next chapter of their passions in life and sought a company that understands WMDB’s value, invests in the industry, and can expertly care for their customer base.

“We have customers with us today that started with us nearly thirty years ago – we know this industry is about relationships,” said James Vahl. “Encompass/vintrace is the perfect company to continue supporting those relations; from our customers to prospects, to vendors and the customers enjoying the fruits of our customers’ labor.”

The company, which installed its first system in 1983, has since contributed to the success of the world's best-known wine brands. To help continue the trendsetting impact of the industry, both James and Emily Vahl will take on advisory roles to the overall strategy and customer advocacy with Encompass/vintrace and WMDB. 

“The Encompass/vintrace team has a deep respect for the WMDB business,” Josh Abra, head of vintrace said. “WMDB is one of the wine software originals. There’s something very special about joining forces with this long-standing company that virtually invented the first software specifically for winemakers. There’s value in blending its resources, expertise and passion for the craft of our customers with the Encompass and vintrace network.”

Encompass/vintrace will continue supporting all WMDB customers, according to Encompass CEO, Patrick Tickle. 

“At the end of the day, we’re excited to support more wineries and vineyards,” said Tickle. “We believe there’s a convincing value proposition for WMDB customers to consider modernizing capabilities with vintrace - and we’re excited to talk with those who are curious - but we believe in the functionality of WMDB and how it has served so many throughout the years.” 

Between WMDB and vintrace, Encompass leads two of the premier wine-making solutions in the market in addition to customers in brewing, spirits, and beverage distribution.

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