The Encompass Way

May 6, 2011

For 18 years, Encompass has emphasized the importance of employee development from interns to long-term employees. The hallmark of employee experience at Encompass is out-of-the-box thinking from recruiting all the way to product development.

Matching culture with a driven work ethic produces employees who are confident to figure it out and do the right thing. These values are carried directly into how we hire because, ultimately, the end goal is giving customers the best experience possible.

Career Events

If a job candidate is fortunate enough to make it to an in-house interview, they are put through a gut-wrenching, intensive interview gauntlet with a bad reputation...just kidding.

In contrast, Encompass has turned the traditional interview process on its head in an effort to better understand candidates' potential fit in the office.

At Encompass Career Events, candidates may experience a variety of different exercises to express their personality in a work setting. At Encompass, our employee values are: figure it out, do the right thing and use the team.

With that in mind, career events are set up to see how a candidate demonstrates those characteristics while delivering a chance for conversations beyond interviews.

Our Career Events give us insight into how people interact with and respond to others in a simulated work environment, whether they have the technical chops to master the software, and the temperament to thrive in our culture," says Erin Riska, Talent Coach at Encompass Technologies.

Career Events are not just a way to see if a candidate is a good fit, but they offer insight into how they will interact with customers. In addition, candidates have the chance to talk with employees from all departments because communication and personal interaction are an important part of each employee's day.

Mark Weaver, Senior Professional of Human Resources at Open Door Organizational Solutions says that Encompass Career Events are an opportunity for candidates to engage in conversation with Hiring Managers and potential peers. The events give Encompass a strategic advantage because more is understood about a candidate in a shorter amount of time.

When interviewing candidates, Weaver encourages companies to remember who you are as a company, stay true to yourself, and be picky. Encompass does just that.

Intern Projects

Encompass Internships provide valuable professional experience doing real work that is relevant to their course of study and career goals. Intern responsibilities are unique because, before completing their tenure at Encompass, they must complete an intern project.

This is a hands-on project where interns work with actual customers to develop requested solutions and create features for Encompass products. In addition, some interns use their time as college credit, but, essentially, internships are a long try-out for a full-time position.

Beyond the Job Title

Inside Encompass, employees have a chance to both get rewarded for performing exceptionally well with awards and go beyond their typical job responsibilities with an ambassador program.

The monthly and yearly awards are peer-nominated, highlighting exceptionally performing employees. The awards were created to encourage employees to sustain excellence on a day-to-day basis, working out of their comfort zone and with one another.

Secondly, employees have a chance to go above and beyond with the Encompass Ambassador program. Encompass Ambassadors are a group of employees who take initiative to get involved in the community and represent the company at events in Northern Colorado.

From job fairs to local connection meet-ups, the Ambassadors are comprised of six employees who have earned the respect of their peers and the right to represent Encompass in the community.

Encompass employees are unique because they are matched with the Encompass culture from the beginning. Culture is important to Encompass because as a team, we work to fulfill our purpose to help our customers be successful by producing the best products possible, and providing top-notch product support.

Candidates need to be confident and driven with plenty of problem-solving skills because that is the Encompass standard. Figure it out, do the right thing, use the team.

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