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The Benefits of Having a Corporate Wellness Program

October 30, 2019

The Benefits of Having a Corporate Wellness Program

A person sits hunched in a cubicle staring intently at a computer screen. Their movements are minimal except for the flurry of fingers flying across the keyboard. The desk holds the remnants of chip bags, candy wrappers, and empty cans of liquid caffeine. They have been in this fixed position for 10 hours, faced with an exhausting puzzle that has them bleary-eyed and tearing at their hair.

Often when thinking of a software company, these are the types of images that come to mind. Encompass challenges this stereotypical view of the industry with our employee Wellness Program which aims to encourage employees to engage in healthy activities and education, and offers a unique incentive for them to sport new Encompass gear.

Each week, a new challenge is issued which is comprised of a number of goals for each employee to meet. Each goal targets a different aspect of a well-rounded healthy person: diet, physical movement, stress management, brain training, general wellness, and more. Examples of some of the previous goals are:

  • "Tried a new healthy recipe. What was it?"

  • "Tried a new or uncommon exercise."

  • "Got 7+ hours of sleep (at once)"

  • "Spent at least 3 hours (combined) outdoors"

  • "Did at least 1 hour (total) of strength training"

  • "Read for 30+ minutes (combined)"

Every goal met is a dollar earned that they can use in the Encompass Store for fun Encompass swag or helpful items like a standing desk. To date, Encompass employees have collectively earned $1831 to use in the store.

Not only does the Wellness Program encourage and incentivize a healthy workplace, but it is all managed through the power of the Encompass platform. To complete the week's challenge, employees navigate to a dashboard that uses code blocks to transform a classic Encompass Survey into a custom user interface that is aesthetically pleasing and simple to use. Once the Survey is submitted through the dashboard, the results are reported on in a Fusion report. The dashboard code block includes a Results Tracker that uses the Fusion report to show employees anonymous numbers for how many people have met each goal, allowing employees to see how they did against their peers for that week.

A Leaderboard allows employees to see how they rank against the rest of the company overall. Each user in the top ten ranking has a name card displaying their total points. By expanding the name card, users can also see additional information about how many of their total points they've spent in the Encompass store and how many points they have remaining. Below the top ten is a report showing the remaining employees, their ranking, and their point amounts. This display spurs the competitive nature of our office, and helps motivate employees to work harder towards their health goals. Like the Wellness Program dashboard, the Leaderboard is also an Encompass dashboard that utilizes code items to bring a branded feel to the user experience. Each piece of the dashboard is entirely customizable, and allows for flexibility as the Wellness Program evolves.

"We put this program together to encourage employees to be mindful of several different aspects of wellness, and to create healthier habits," says Nicole Bettray, Encompass's Purveyor of Happiness. Nicole plays a critical role in creating the wellness challenge each week and looking out for the general well-being and happiness of Encompass staff. "The challenges are meant to be accessible to everyone, whether in the office or on the road, and it has been wonderful to see such active participation!"

Beyond the Encompass Wellness Program, dashboard code blocks can be used to accomplish any number of goals. Whether it's a leaderboard for your pick teams, a custom dashboard for your customers to fill out forms, or an interactive onboarding dashboard for new employees, code blocks can be used to create a user experience suited for your needs. For more information or to get started building your own dashboard with code blocks, give us a call at (970) 449-8000 or submit a task!

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