Streamline For Success

June 21, 2019

Streamline for Success

A Recap of the 2019 User Group Meeting

Last week, Encompass hosted its 11th annual User Group Meeting (UGM) at our Fort Collins office. 111 distributors from 40 different states and 3 countries sent 310 attendees to UGM to gain strategies to streamline for success. With back-to-back presentations, hands-on labs and roundtable discussions, UGM equips distributors with new ideas, approaches, and solutions to solve the business challenges they face.

Technology Trends in DSD

One of the hottest topics at UGM this year - where is the industry headed? The answer comes as no surprise, towards more technology! The Encompass Executive Team presented on the direction Encompass is moving in. Kim O'Neil spoke to the features and products that have been developed to customize the user experience and add efficiencies to everyday operations. She mentioned streamlining procedures such as customizing the Encompass Mobile application, creating alerts, automating statements and utilizing electronic payment collection processess. The leadership team also explained that leveraging tools like dashboards, brand manager and forecasting can increase performance and productivity. With the many demands facing distributors today, it is crucial to take full advantage of the Encompass platform to simplify and streamline your experience.

Wes Verno with Verno Consulting

Verno Consulting, located right here in Colorado specializes in helping wholesalers achieve goals by aligning strategy, structure and process. CEO, Wes Verno was the keynote speaker at this year's User Group Meeting where he discussed utilizing compensation as a management tool to increase employee tenure. Wes mentioned that "compensation needs to be aligned with your overall strategy" to be successful and that "compensation is not a form of management." He provided some insight into how compensation, when used correctly, can motivate good behaviors and circumvent the challenges of employee retention. To learn more about Wes, his team, and what they can provide for your business, visit The Verno Consulting Homepage.

iSellBeer Podcast hosted by Tracy Neal featuring Kent and Jonathan O'Neil

Tracy Neal, the President and CEO of CPG Data is also the producer of a podcast, iSellBeer, where he interviews beverage industry legends from around the country. He describes his show as a podcast for anyone who works at a beer distributor. Whether you are driving the truck, in the warehouse or communicating with suppliers - this podcast is for you! He sat down with Encompass owners, Kent and Jonathan O'Neil and in true iSellBeer fashion, they all cracked open a cold beer (at 8 am) and began the interview. They started by chatting about Kent's distributorship, Pioneer Distributing then went into the story of the origin of Encompass. Be sure to listen to the full podcast here and don't miss out on any of the iSellBeer episodes! Browse all other episodes here.

New This Year: Vendor Showcase and PartnerLink Certification Program

This year, for the first time, we hosted 12 technology vendors from the DSD industry. At the vendor trade show, UGM attendees were able to meet with vendors directly and discuss hardware and software offerings as well as integration services. It was an opportunity for both the distributor and vendor to work together towards maximizing the Encompass platform.

The PartnerLink Certification Program was launched at this year's User Group Meeting to allow vendors to integrate directly with the Encompass platform. Collaboration with these vendors extends the Encompass platform and its features to meet distributor business needs. Encompass strives to provide an outstanding user experience and in order to be successful, our customers need access to the best tools available. By partnering with industry vendors, Encompass encourages distributors to reach their fullest potential while leveraging the Encompass platform to streamline for success.

Thanks to all of our vendors whose support made this year's User Group Meeting extra special. Big thanks to Otterbox, CPG Data, Wise, WIN, Cognex, Zebra, Inventiv, Untappd, LilyPad/Fintech, ScanSource, iSellBeer and SevenFifty.

Stay tuned for UGM specific webinars coming your way in July. Dates and times will be announced soon.

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