State-of-the-Art Accounting Integration

April 29, 2019

Find the Best Solution for Your Business

Encompass Financials is a completely integrated system that eliminates the dependency on multiple accounting software services. Reconciling multiple systems can cause error and headache, so it is crucial to evaluate your current system to ensure it is meeting all of your operational needs.

If you're dealing with any of the issues below, you may want to consider an upgrade to your Financial System:

- You spend too much time reconciling accounts between disparate systems

- You're tired of finding errors as a result of manual inputs

- The data is there, but it is not presented in a consumable format

- You have to be in the office or use a VPN to access your financials

To make sure you've found the right solution for your business, we've compiled a few key questions that you should keep in mind when evaluating new Financial Systems:

- Is the system user-friendly?

- Is the system fully integrated or will it connect with our existing tools?

- Does pricing change depending on the number of program users?

- Is the software constantly improving over time?

- How is the product supported?

If you're interested in Encompass Financials, here are our answers to the questions above:

- Is the system user-friendly?

Yes, Encompass Financials uses the same interfaces, tables and reporting capabilities you are used to

- Is the system fully integrated or will it connect with our existing tools?

With the Encompass Financials package, your accounting data is stored side by side with your sales data

This means no transferring data, no multi-system reconciliation, and you can report on this data in a single interface

- Does pricing change depending on the number of program users?

Encompass does not bill on a per-user basis.

This means you can give financial system access to all of the users that need it AND have full user audit records - no more sharing admin passwords

- Is the software constantly improving over time?

Encompass provides an innovative solution, with multiple releases each year that deliver new features and fixes

- How is the product supported?

-Encompass has state-of-the-art support, with 80% same day resolution, and 90% same week resolution.

We don't use robots, a real person will always answer the phone, and 24/7 after hours emergency support is included

A common reservation for change is the comfort of familiarity, but you can take comfort in the ability to work with your financial data in the familiar Encompass environment.

Managing change can be daunting, but that shouldn't prevent you from getting your hands on the best accounting system available. As always, the great customer service you've become accustomed to will be here if you need it, acting as a guide and resource for any questions that arise.

If you are ready to make the switch to integrated accounting with Encompass Financials, click the image below or give us a call at (970) 449-8000.



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