Product Diversification for Breweries: 3 Steps Toward Conquering Multi-segment Production

Read about three key elements modern producers have built into their successful multi-segment production operations to future-proof business.

October 31, 2023

Multi-segment production, or producing products within multiple product categories, allows producers to diversify their portfolios. For breweries, this could be seltzer, cider, ready-to-drink (RTDs), or non-alcoholic products to name a few. The result is a greater ability to meet shifting consumer demand with the right beverages for the right people at the right moment.

Multi-segment production requires a growth mindset and forward-thinking in order to translate your brand into increased market relevancy. To earn and maintain a competitive edge in new product segments, you must understand how a shift to multi-segment production can amplify your position in an increasingly saturated market. 

Here are three actions producers take to achieve and increase the relevancy of their products: 

1. Build a culture of adaptability

Having leadership teams and a workforce that can easily pivot to meet consumer demand will always give you an upper hand.

Adaptability is easier when you are a multi-segment producer. You aren’t just growing your output; you’re growing the scope of interest and skillsets among your workforce.

An investment to become a multi-segment producer enables you to navigate the shifting industry landscape now and well into the future. It will pay dividends to be ahead of the next beverage trend by staying proactive rather than reactive.

2. Gain access to data & technology

The smartest producers make data-backed decisions, but how exactly do you get access to actionable insights? 

Implement the right software and tech solutions to gain easier access to production, inventory, and sales data. Data is the catalyst for your business to become a successful multi-segment producer. The right software and technology can - and should - support your pivot into new segments.

Real-time inventory tracking and transactions, automated compliance reporting, and production cost analysis are just a few of the tools at your fingertips enabling your data to drive impactful action. 

3. Leverage the human variable

The most relevant producers are those who have taken the time to invest in the well-being of their employees in addition to - or even by way of - multi-segment production. 

Integrated systems enable easy communication. Easy communication optimizes production processes from end to end. When the right technology simplifies these tasks, employee bandwidth is switched from working in the business to working on the business. 

In short, investing in tech is investing in people. Investing in people will bring energy and passion to your business as you leverage the human variable to get a foothold in the modern beverage industry. 

The continued evolution of the beverage landscape requires producers to become smarter in more areas, waste less time on manual tasks, and leverage tech, tools, and resources to remain beverage leaders.

Now is the time to become a multi-segment producer. 

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from industry-leading multi-segment producers in a recent panel from the Craft Beer Professionals virtual conference. 

Watch the Craft Beer Professionals panel on multi-segment production:


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