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February 19, 2019

Encompass Technologies has been leveraging the power of Amazon Web Services since 2014 in order to create a powerful and innovative platform. Combining our technology with Amazon's modern and ever-evolving cloud service has created a dynamic solution for data storage and retrieval. In the fast-pased business of distribution, quick access to data is a must and by using cloud storage, we are able to efficiently connect our customers to what they need, when they need it.

So what is AWS exactly? What does it do?

Amazon Web Services is a platform used by businesses all over the world to store data off-site as opposed to having a local data center. In 2017, Amazon reported that they reached the threshold of 1,000,000 AWS users! At Encompass, we use an AWS cloud service to store data because it is continuously backed up and reduces the risk of data loss.

The significant advantages of using multi-occupant environments like the public cloud are resiliency and reliability, two standards AWS promotes. The public cloud might sound vulnerable but the opposite is true - it is extremely protected. Security is the top priority at Amazon and they work tirelessly to ensure all data is guarded and secure. Multiple layers of security systems and protocols protect our platform and our customer's data against unauthorized access.

How does this differentiate Encompass from other ERPs?

The distinction of Encompass from similar services is clear. Along with advanced solutions and unparalleled customer service, we provide our customers with a connection to cloud-based data storage without exposing them to the high expenses that cloud hosting can incur. Users are able to access state-of-the-art technology while maintaining their bottom line.

  • Innovation

By collaborating with Amazon, we have eliminated the need to use physical hardware to store data. On-site hardware is expensive, tough to manage, and can quickly become outdated. Our unification with the cloud has increased our ability to provide our customers with the best data storage and retrieval available. Amazon is an expert at scalability, security, and new platform capabilities. By partnering with AWS, Encompass takes advantage of this wealth of expertise while being able to stay focused on building features and functionality our customers want and need.

"AWS gives us the tools, and it's up to us to use these tools for the benefit of our customers." - Twyla Dennis, Head of Development and Operations

  • Scalability

The scalability AWS affords, allows Encompass to increase resources as needed. When more data requests come in, our compute resources are increased. When requests reduce, compute resources shrink back down. We are able to write size environments for large and small businesses as well as provide test environments on demand. Being able to instantaneously scale our compute power and storage results in a consistent experience and dependable data performance for our customers.

With resources based in Amazon Web Services, we can provide modern and ever-advancing technology to our customers at a fraction of the cost. Working together, Encompass and Amazon Web Services provide our customers with secure, fast, reliable and resilient solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

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