Pioneering The Corporate Wellness Revolution

February 25, 2019

What does Encompass do besides pave the way as a progressive technology company? Well, we are forward-thinking in more ways than one. Here at Encompass, we offer the most dynamic and radical benefits to our employees because we know that benefits are just as valuable as pay. On top of providing all employees with free access to a gym just down the street, we also give them PTF. I'm sure you are familiar with PTO (paid time off), well PTF is the same idea and F stands for fitness.

What is PTF?

Paid Time Fitness is one of the innovative benefits we offer at Encompass. Each employee is allotted 150 minutes per week to exercise and they do not need to clock out to do so. That's right! We pay our employees to exercise. Exercise can mean a lot of different things, but as long as you are being active, you are using PTF the right way. Employees are able to utilize their fitness time in all of the traditional ways: walking, running or working out at our local gym, but some employees choose to be more unique.

We interviewed a few staff members who are taking PTF to the next level.

Here is how they stay fit in unusual ways:

Derek Jones, our Business Development Executive, likes slapping a hockey puck around for his exercise time. A few other employees will join him at the hockey rink for drop-in free skate on Fridays. Pictured is Derek (left) and Adam Larsson, Senior Sales Executive (right). Hockey is an all-inclusive sport. It burns fat and calories, boosts metabolism and strengthens coordination and balance. "I enjoy working for a company that challenges me both mentally and physically." - Derek Jones


The Product Manager of the Purchasing and Forecasting Team, John Walker uses his PTF doing CrossFit at the gym. CrossFit is a high-intensity strength and conditioning program that combines exercises and movements from many different sports. It focuses on pushing the limits of fitness, and workouts constantly change so everyday is different and demanding in its own way.

Kim, our fearless leader and the VP of OnBoarding chooses to spend her fitness time with her personal trainer. One of the benefits of being a member of a local gym is having access to all that the gym offers. Our gym, the Old Town Athletic Club, has all of the equipment you'd typically see in a gym along with tons more! They offer an array of group fitness classes and have an experienced team of trainers that work with you to reach your goals.

Another great way to use PTF is to be outside. Erin Riska, our Talent Coach likes to ride her bike when the weather permits. She rides along the Poudre River Trail which is right outside our door. A perk of being located in the heart of the River District is having quick access to an amazing trail. The Poudre River Trail runs 21 miles from Greeley, through Fort Collins and ends in LaPorte. It provides beautiful scenery and employees are able to be one with nature without having to travel far from the office.


One aspect of our company culture is productivity. To remain productive, studies have shown that taking breaks increases brain power and helps us stay focused. The best way for employees to maintain engagement in their work is to get up and move throughout the day.

And when the stresses of your day-to-day life get to be distracting, unwind with in-house yoga sessions taught by our Purveyor of Happiness, Nicole Bettray. Nicole has been teaching yoga in the office for 3 years now. She offers two classes per week, one is deep stretch, the other is flow.

  • Deep Stretch Yoga

    • Hold poses for 3-5 minutes

    • Passive stretching

    • Focused on neck, shoulders, and wrists (areas of high strain in this business)

  • Flow Yoga

    • Lots of movement

    • Heavy on cardio

    • Focused on balance and flexibility


"The purpose of yoga is to center the mind and body. Yoga allows you to enjoy relaxation and calmness. It allows a busy brain to slow down a bit and process the personal and professional stresses someone is facing." - Nicole Bettray

Encompass has always been ahead of its time. We have been pioneers in the industry and we offer benefits that compare to few other companies. It can be hard to take time out of your day to do something for yourself, but with Encompass, it is easier.

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