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Our Customers and Partners Inspire A Supply Chain and World Reimagined

Our values are what drive and motivate us daily across three merged/acquired companies working together in the US, with development partners in China...

November 17, 2021

Our Customers and Partners Inspire A Supply Chain and World Reimagined

Grateful and Giving Thanks to All

Our values are what drive and motivate us daily across three merged/acquired companies working together in the US, with development partners in China and support partners in the Philippines to ensure 'round-the-clock business operations. But most of all, we’ve been inspired by some truly special people, our customers and partners who are equally passionate about people as Encompass.

People are at the Heart of Our Customers’ Businesses


Whether it’s Modern Times, New Belgium, or Old Dominick Distillery in manufacturing; Eagle Rock, Canyon Distributing, or American Premium Beverage in distribution; or Buffalo Wild Wings, Sprouts Farmer’s Market, or Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits, in retail, wherever they play in the beverage and food industry:

  • People, their employees, are their most valuable asset.

  • People, their customers, are who they serve.

  • People, their families, communities, and the world, are who they do it for.

We are mirror images of our customers--people who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. For decades, our founders and many of our employees walked in our customers’ shoes. We've seen first-hand the challenges with disjointed systems, siloed data, and manual processes in the beverage and food supply chain. Today, we're revolutionizing it.

A Reimagined Supply Chain and World

We understand that the changing market dynamics have created a need for all of us to come together as a connected supply chain. It's about being connected in processes, technology and data, and connecting people so that we can deeply understand why a shelf or cold box is empty. Is it because of unanticipated consumer demand? Limited supply of packaging materials? Errors in inventory tracking? Stale retail sales data? Shortage of drivers? Or is there another reason?

Imagine a world where we are all working together and using technology innovation to accurately forecast in a timely manner and take action quickly so that empty shelves are a thing of the past. Imagine a world where the supply chain fills the shelves consistently with choices that consumers want and can enjoy with their families and friends. This is our vision.

A Tribute to Our Customers and Partners

The three layers of our new company logo is a tribute to who we serve in the three-tier beverage and food supply chain: manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.


The three Cs reflect our vision of a digitally Connected supply chain, enabled by Cloud technology, with all three tiers working together to serve the fast-changing and unpredictable Consumer demands.

We are committed to improving how people work, how they make decisions, how they serve customers, and how they secure their businesses. We are in business to find better ways.

We welcome you to explore our new website, As one company, Encompass, we combine the expertise in manufacturing from Orchestra Software, distribution from Encompass Technologies, and retail from Handoff, to bring to life our vision of a digitally connected supply chain. In fact, our most recent launch of Distributor Reporting, as featured in Brewbound and The Brewer Magazine is our latest move towards this vision.

Our Deepest Gratitude

Our Deepest Gratitude

Our ERP SaaS and technology solutions support $1.5B in retail transactions every month. Over 2 million active users across all 50 states, Canada, UK, Australia, and Guam rely on our systems. With over 500 people in our employee and partner teams, we have grown to become a market leader with a global footprint, all because of our customers’ can-do spirit and trust in us.

With our partners, we understand that helping our customers be successful in business frees them to do more outside their business and do more with those most important to them. This is our mission and what continues to motivate us to serve them every day. We thank our customers and partners for their continued support of Encompass.

Now more than ever, the world yearns for unity, especially as we approach the holiday season. Much like sports, music, and the arts bring people together around the world, we are proud to be part of the innovation engine that powers how our customers and partners make human connections possible with drinks and food.

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