Orchestrated Product Roadmap Q4 2020

Get caught up on Orchestra's big initiatives, highlights of what's to come, and what our merger with Encompass and acquisition of Handoff means for you.

November 30, 2020

With the holidays in full swing and end of year reporting right around the corner, we wanted to honor our commitment to provide the quarterly product update while adjusting our normal delivery model. Rather than a scheduled webinar, please find highlights and notes on what’s to come below. If you have any questions, your Customer Success Manager is always happy to connect, so don’t hesitate to reach out! 

The big news since we last connected in Q3 is the exciting union between Orchestra Software, Encompass Technologies, and Handoff. With the merger of Orchestra and Encompass, we’ll be able to leverage our combined expertise and innovative software to connect every link of the supply chain and provide an unprecedented level of integration. Adding to that, the acquisition of Handoff completes the supplier-to-consumer solution suite with its direct-to-consumer alcohol delivery platform. As all of these pieces connect, data will move freely throughout the tiers, giving the industry the ability to get products to consumers with never-before-seen ease and efficiency. 

We hosted two key webinars around the Encompass + Orchestra merger and Handoff acquisition if you’re interested in learning more. 

So what does this mean for our roadmap? Our current commitments to you are not changing. Looking at the roadmap below, you’ll see that our development teams are continuing their work on 4.9.1 and future innovation. If you were not able to attend our Q3 Roadmap Session or want a refresher, the recording includes insights into upcoming features such as Release PdOs from the Packaging Run window, the allowance of multi-issues in the Brew Sheet, and efficiency gains in the Scheduler.  

Q3 Product Roadmap Blog Image

Through the end of this year, as our two companies become one, we’re looking for ways to better serve you and we’re hard at work to finalize an enhanced and accelerated roadmap for early 2021. While our current commitments will be maintained, this roadmap will include a more accelerated model, more details around our innovation workstream, and next steps for the platform. In Q1, 2021, you can anticipate a number of updates and invitations to webinars and Q&A sessions, so keep your eyes open for The Pour and webinar registration links. If you aren’t currently subscribed to our regular newsletter, The Pour, you can sign-up on the right-hand side of this article.

Interested in being a part of building our future roadmap? 

The upcoming 4.9.1 upgrade was built almost entirely from suggestions surfaced in the Ideas Portal. Whether it’s a brand-new feature request, a thought around how the three-tier system could benefit your business, or a reporting tweak you think could benefit all of our drinksmiths – shout it out!

Want to connect with our Customer Success team?

Reach out to success@orchestrasoftware.com.

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