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Obtain Display Tracking Clarity with Targeted Sales Execution

April 8, 2019

Obtain Display Tracking Clarity with Targeted Sales Execution

There are two typical scenarios when trying to monitor display tracking, either you have no visibility in your teams display execution or you are juggling multiple sources and Excel documents to access and compile data. Either way you slice it, there is a better way to do this. Encompass Targeted Sales Execution allows users to track display completion and manage data all within a single platform.

Utilizing Targeted Sales Execution provides a clear view of the results of your sales initiatives. Easily access a gallery of photos of completed displays along with reports and graphs that demonstrate growth integrated with your sales execution. With display tracking, each facet of display management is housed under one roof, providing transparency in how sales reps are performing and giving managers the ability to run reports on statistics that are specific to your organization's goals.

With Targeted Sales Execution, the workflow looks like this:

  1. Generate tasks for your sales team so they have them when they go out in the field

  2. The sales rep is prompted to complete displays upon arrival at the retailer and is asked to provide a photo as proof of execution

  3. Management can easily run reports on sales initiative completion rates

With Targeted Sales Execution, targeting a specific list of customers is straightforward and intuitive. Management can easily mark customers who are accepting placements in their stores by selecting the 'Has Displays' flag on the customer record. Then, create tasks for the sales reps who service those stores and supervise the execution of displays with updates that occur every 30 minutes.

Without Targeted Sales Execution, the workflow is cumbersome and inconsistent. Sales initiatives can be unintentionally forgotten and unsuccessful. With managers relying on emails, spreadsheets, and other platforms to communicate with their sales team, things can fall through the cracks. This unclear communication is costly and unproductive, resulting in ineffective sales initiatives.

Displays are designed to catch the eye, to make consumers stop and think to themselves "I need to buy this", but if your sales team is not accurately reporting on their displays - how do you know if they are set up correctly? If you are looking to obtain display tracking clarity, Targeted Sales Execution is the tool for you!

All of these features are included in the monthly Encompass subscription and are available to users on versions 19.03 and higher. If you are interested in Encompass Targeted Sales Execution or would like to discuss upgrading, please give us a call at (970)449-8000.

To learn more, check out our Sales Execution white paper.

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