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Leveraging Asset Manager to Increase Sales

May 6, 2019

Leveraging Asset Manager to Increase Sales

Asset Manager tools are designed to provide insight into the effectiveness of point of sale items and retail placement. The added efficiency provided by Encompass Asset Manager gives users the ability to compare sales data to make decisions on asset approval in retailers that will increase sales which streamlines the entire process and adds transparency to your operations. Asset Manager allows you to track costs, provides visibility to inventory and prevents loss of valuable point of sale items.

How can Asset Manager help your business?

Boost Sales

  • Managers can easily monitor and approve which retailers are receiving assets

  • Make informed decisions based on sales metrics found in the Command Center Dashboard

  • Filter asset requests by the sales rep who requested it

 Save Time

  •  Receive multiple assets of the same type in a single transaction

  • Easily access an image library displaying all point of sale assets

  • Add supplier provided images to the asset record, without unboxing and building assets

  • Request multiple assets at once

  • Simple request the asset, then adjust the quantity - on average this saves each salesman 15 minutes per stop

  • Place and confirm multiple assets simultaneously

 "Beforehand, we didn't have a catalog or anything to see what we had, you basically had to call a manager. Now, they (salesmen) can go in their app on their phone and they can see everything we have right there at the touch of their finger." - Steven Hedden, District Sales Manager, United Distributors Inc.

Increase Visibility

  • Inventory accuracy provides a clear view of available asset quantities

  • Utilize the image library to promote available assets to customers

  • Add special delivery and placement instructions in the asset delivery planner to ensure proper placement and asset exposure (i.e. place neon sign behind the bar, next to the mounted moose head)

  • The sales team can see exactly what is available before making requests or commitments to customers

 "I would recommend Asset Manager for any distributor that wants to track their POS." - Doug Phipps, Marketing Manager, United Distributors Inc.

Encompass Asset Management is the industry's only iOS and Android-friendly asset management solution available on the market. Browse the asset library, request assets, and execute asset placement with ease all within the Encompass Mobile App.

Watch how United Distributors Inc. in Smyrna, GA gained significant time savings and accuracy with the addition of Asset Manager.

If you are interested in getting started with Asset Manager, give us a call at (970)449-8000.

 To learn more, check out our Asset Manager white paper.

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