Introducing the Encompass + Orchestra Product Leadership Team

Now that we’ve introduced our Executive Team, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our newly combined Product Leadership Team. The VP of Product collaborates with the Solutions Directors

July 1, 2021

Introducing the Encompass + Orchestra Product Leadership Team

Now that we’ve introduced our Executive Team, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our newly combined Product Leadership Team. The VP of Product collaborates with the Solutions Directors to evolve Encompass + Orchestra products to the next level of customer solutions. Through the strengths of the combined team, Encompass + Orchestra continues to fulfill our client’s needs while ensuring that customers are empowered to use the tools Encompass + Orchestra has to offer.

BOBBY LIN - VP of Product


Bobby defines and executes the Encompass + Orchestra product vision to bring innovative solutions to market. He works closely with the CEO to ensure our solutions address challenges faced within the industry. Customer needs are constantly evolving, and Bobby incorporates their feedback into exciting features while overseeing the entire project roadmap. From the initial idea to the finished product, Bobby spearheads the entire product development process.

Bobby started at Encompass in 2008 and has been with the company for more than 12 years. He has also served as a project manager within the healthcare industry to execute product launches in four global markets. Outside of the office, Bobby loves exploring Colorado outdoors through paddle boarding, riding his motorcycle, running along the Poudre River trail, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and eating at a good buffet.

BLAKE SKIPPER - eCommerce Solutions Director


Blake is the go-to person for everything eCommerce at Encompass + Orchestra. His direction has been critical to the evolution of DSDLink, a digital platform connecting the three tiers of distribution through facilitating online ordering for retailers, brand management for suppliers, sales enablement for distributors, and more. He also manages Handoff’s direct-to-consumer beverage delivery platform and Paylink’s contactless payment solution. His work with Encompass + Orchestra EDI trading partners allows business partners to eliminate manual rekeying of data and payments, automating the process to save time and headaches from manual errors. Blake listens to the industry and works closely with consumers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to digitally achieve their unique goals.

Originally from Alabama, Blake moved to Fort Collins to attend Colorado State University and has lived in the town ever since. When not at the office, he can be found up in the Rocky Mountains on a snowboard or riding his motorcycle during the summer.

BRANDON SECHRIST - Operations Solutions Director


Brandon has more than eight years of experience working closely with distributors to create solutions that streamline warehouse operations. He moved to Colorado in 2012 from Southern California and started working at Encompass in late 2013 as an Analyst handling distributor software implementations. Brandon went on to become the Product Manager for Reporting and then the Warehouse Management System. Recently, he has led the Logistics team in delivering efficient vehicle management. This routing-focused solution provides forecasting data that gives customers a head start with their operational planning.

Brandon’s team focuses on delivering solutions that are efficient and easy to use. He has implemented scalable and effortless warehouse management software while also expanding on the warehouse control system. Outside of work, Brandon enjoys cooking and riding anything with two wheels, particularly his dirt bikes.

CLAY CREIGHTON - Admin Solutions Director


Clay joined the Encompass team in 2014 as an Analyst before serving as a Project Manager providing training and consultation to customers. He became the Product Manager, where he was responsible for overseeing the success of the CRM product team. As the Admin Solutions Director, Clay integrates the features of the Accounting, CRM, and Invoicing Product Teams into one cohesive overview of our customer’s entire business process. This seamless communication experience enables users to share information and track the completion of business objectives. By leveraging a complete financial solution integrated with operational data, Clay oversees the process of taking businesses to the next level.

Clay was raised in Colorado and is a Computer Information Systems graduate from CSU. During Colorado’s summers, Clay enjoys camping, skateboarding, and paintball. In the winter, he can be found snowboarding down the nearby Rocky Mountains.

GRANT MCCAW - Orchestra Solutions Director


Before joining the Encompass + Orchestra team, Grant studied and worked as a chemist in a manufacturing setting for seven years, splitting his time as a food producer and polymer manufacturer. He joined Encompass + Orchestra over six years ago and has absorbed our manufacturing customers’ particular ins and outs as a Developer, Dev Manager, and VP of Technology. As the Orchestra Solutions Director, he delivers intuitive and adaptable features that enable food and beverage manufacturers to connect with their customers seamlessly. Outside of work, Grant is a craft beverage enthusiast, practices the fine art of homebrewing, and loves to fish in the great outdoors.

MATT LOIDOLT - DevOps Solutions Director


Matt graduated from CSU nine years ago and has been with Encompass + Orchestra ever since. As a Software Engineer, Matt became the EDI team lead. He went on to be the Product Manager in charge of building the PaaS platform before becoming the DevOps Solutions Director. Through his myriad of experiences with Encompass + Orchestra, Matt expands on the capabilities of the Platform, DevOps, UI, and Testing teams to provide a best-in-class user experience. As the DevOps Solutions Director, Matt enables users to customize and realize their business in a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure. When not at the office, Matt’s usually on the lake, working on his house, or taking care of his daughter.

DEVIN MARQUEZ - Support Director


Devin began at Encompass in 2014 as an Analyst, using his technology background to make a positive and measurable impact for clients. Over the last seven years, he has managed teams to develop new features and increase customer engagement as an Account Manager, Support Manager, Production Manager, Program Manager, and Product Manager. In the brand new Support Director role, Devin is the trusted advisor that instills confidence in the Encompass + Orchestra network. By relaying customer insights to our product team, we continue to improve the solutions we offer. When not at the office, Devin spends time with his wife and three kids and plays the guitar.

Like many of you, our schedules have been full of virtual introductions for the past year. We are looking forward to seeing our newly combined team along with friends in the industry at our 2021 Connect Conference. The event will be held September 13-17, in Fort Collins, CO, and virtually. Join us for a week dedicated to success stories, training hacks, hands-on labs, product roundtables, peer networking, one on one sessions with leadership, good times and more!

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