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How To Enable Your Beverage Distribution Sales Representative To Invest More Time Selling

Three simple tools can reallocate up to 75% of your sales representative’s time from managing manual processes to growing their accounts.

June 27, 2022

Distributor sales representatives have long been bogged down by non-sales tasks, administrative work and manual processes. By leveraging three advancements in technology, you can supercharge your sales representatives, and bring your sales processes into the future.

Sales Representative Of The Future Infographic

To learn more about the suite of solutions to supercharge your sales representatives, visit Connect for Distributors or any of the specific solutions below.

1. Retail Insights

  • Enable a more informed and effective sales process with access to live retail sales and inventory data.

  • Better equip reps to help each specific retailer optimize shelf space with SKU-level detail.

2. DSDLink

  • Empower retailers with product and pricing info at their fingertips by leveraging eCommerce tools that allow sales reps to have a more informed and collaborative conversation upon each visit.

  • Sell more by providing a wide selection and convenient way to order.

3. PayLink

  • Provide more secure, flexible payment options with electronic payments that eliminate bounced checks, missed payments and more.

  • Get paid faster while saving on fuel and maximizing safety.

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