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Fleet Tracker - An Opportunity for your Operation

Encompass Fleet Tracker is one of the most comprehensive route execution and field labor management tools available in the industry.

December 4, 2019

Fleet Tracker - An Opportunity for your Operation

  • How important is driver safety and how do you measure it?

  • Comparing planned vs actual - using this data to improve route efficiency

  • Creating rules - a level of customization that works

  • Where’s my driver - only one click away

Encompass Fleet Tracker is one of the most comprehensive route execution and field labor management tools available in the industry. Combined with the power of Geotab on-board diagnostics (OBD) devices, distributors are given the power to access accurate, real-time fleet data including vehicle status, locations, and driver safety infractions. Fleet Tracker is customizable, so you can set the rules and exceptions needed to ensure your drivers are operating as efficiently as possible in your environment while keeping safety in mind. Any telematics system can provide vehicle tracking, any RAS can provide sales reports, and any routing tool can display planned routes, but only Encompass allows you to report on all three dimensions: planned route, actual route, and sales execution all in one place.


With GPS tracking, distributors are able to monitor whether or not a driver is following their planned route based on drive distances, service times, and stop sequences. Within Fleet Tracker, a visual display is provided for each vehicle, showing the planned versus actual route including any unscheduled stops the driver has made. Hovering over a stop will show information about that customer’s invoices to provide additional insights as to why a deviation may have occurred (for example, a stop with large orders may cause a delay in the driver getting to the next stop). The plan execution status can be viewed in real-time, showing what percentage of the route is complete. Overall, Fleet Tracker can save distributors money by monitoring driver efficiency while cutting fuel costs.



Fleet Tracker allows you to access accurate data anywhere, in real-time. Alerts configured in Encompass can be sent via text, email, or eChat to notify the appropriate people to manage driver violations or vehicle concerns. Geotab OBD devices also monitor up to date driver and location information for each violation that occurs based on GPS recordings. Instead of relying on drivers to complete mileage surveys, GPS data provides accurate reports. Fleet Tracker also allows you to track driver schedules based on real-time plan execution status.


What constitutes a driver violation is entirely in your hands. Fleet Tracker is largely customizable, allowing you to set rules and exceptions for your fleet. For example, you can set a specific number of miles per hour above the posted speed limit as a violation, or create zones around retailer parking lots or private driveways to watch for specific speeds even if there are no posted signs. Beyond the basic Fleet Tracker features, tracking can be extended with iOX additions such as temperature sensors, NFC positive driver identification, and more.


Data from OBD devices is directly integrated with Encompass to make creating reports a simple endeavor. Vehicle data and handheld data are synthesized and readily accessible from one location, and Fusion reports can be leveraged to report on this data just about any way you’d want to see it. Custom dashboards can be created for key personnel to monitor relevant data while offering a high-level view of planned versus actual time differences and activities.



Fleet Tracker delivers features designed with safety and regulatory compliance in mind. The Geotab devices used by Fleet Tracker are certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and can be used as ELDs (Electronic Logging Device) to track Hours of Service (HOS) in compliance with rules from the Department of Transportation. The devices also monitor and alert on dangerous driving behaviors, such as harsh braking and speeding, while serving as a deterrent to distracted driving with the ability to monitor handheld usage. Tracking specific metrics (such as speeding, handheld usage, etc) can help reduce insurance costs if users qualify as good drivers. One of the greatest benefits is the insight to determine “at-risk” drivers and take advantage of coaching opportunities before disciplinary actions are needed.


Encompass Fleet Tracker also tracks vehicle service information so falling behind on fleet maintenance is never an issue. Alerts can be configured so fleet managers and maintenance shops automatically receive notifications regarding upcoming service, easing the scheduling process. Similar alerts provide vehicle registration renewal reminders and more. Since OBD devices communicate directly with each vehicle’s Engine Control Module, repair shops are also able to view recent vehicle warnings to cut down on troubleshooting time.

Check out our latest video to see Encompass Fleet Tracker in action at Adams Beverages. If you want to improve overall route efficiency, cut down on fleet costs, and improve driver safety, then Fleet Tracker is for you. Give us a call at (970) 449-8000 to get started.

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