Encompass Voice – Easy to Use, Seamlessly Integrated

April 9, 2018

Encompass Voice is a tool to increase efficiency across your operation. Make sure calls are going where they are supposed to, and that someone is always available so there is never a missed call.

Voice is integrated into a user's Encompass account with use in Encompass Server and Encompass Mobile. All contacts and numbers are also stored within, so click-to-dial is quick and easy.

Voice comes with many of features for management to build and customize a bundle that best fits your specific operation.



Opportunity is calling...how many times each week do situations like these occur?

  • A retailer calls to speak with a salesperson to update an order

  • A retailer calls to ask when their next delivery will arrive

  • You want to update your phone greeting to inform callers about new featured products or special holiday hours

  • Management wants more business metrics on Tel Sell accounts

  • Based on time of day or day of week, calls should be routed differently

  • Sales, delivery or merchandising users need assistance in the field and you want to screen share

Encompass Voice has features that surpass traditional phone systems allowing users to integrate with daily workflows and deliver a much-improved customer service experience with no extra hardware.



  • Let us route calls directly to the correct salesperson without sharing personal phone numbers, because Encompass knows your team

  • Access delivery information, and customize personal settings within Encompass Voice

  • Report sales person call duration and compare to sales activity and success with integrated reporting

  • Single touch Tel Sell integration

  • Share screens from a remote location for simple, effective troubleshooting

  • Set user's status to determine who is available for a call

  • Use "Hops" to automatically direct calls to next available employee

  • Create configurable call groups for each department (Front Desk, AR, Tel Sell, etc.)

  • Flexible subscription, so not tied into a long contract

  • Fully integrated with Encompass cloud system - no servers or hardware maintenance


Reporting and Management

Data is one of the most important tools available to any business. With Encompass Voice, management can view call reporting and statistics, call duration by customer and user, and compare call time/frequency vs gross profit. Voice, along with Tel Sell, tracks calls that lead to sales so management can always be informed.

In addition to reporting, Voice also offers auditing and management tools like in-depth call logging, voicemail transcription, and call recording.

These tools open new doors for distributors. Reporting data now creates self-coaching opportunities for sales representatives. When collecting information like call volume, duration, and comparing call time/frequency vs gross profit, they can see the most effective way to communicate to ensure maximum efficiency and sales.



Like the rest of the features in Encompass, Voice is customizable to each operation. Distributors can:

  • Record customized greetings

  • Set start and end times for each greeting

  • Control greeting and call routing with after-hours messages, holiday greetings, etc.

Encompass Voice is another addition of Encompass' fully integrated system. Voice increases functionality, streamlining the distributor's everyday workflow even more. Easy to use, seamlessly integrated.

Want more information on Encompass Voice and other sales execution products? Check out our website or click on the image below!


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