Encompass Purchase Confirmation CoSourcing

February 6, 2019

Enabling Your Business to Do More, with Less

Do you find your employees spending significant amounts of time throughout the day on repeatable, mundane tasks? Do you want to boost productivity without adding personnel to your payroll?

If so, CoSourcing may be the solution!

What is CoSourcing?

CoSourcing allows distributors to facilitate manual processes by transferring duties to Encompass. We do more so you can do fewer monotonous tasks and focus on more meaningful and valuable objectives.

CoSourcing, simply put, is a redistribution of responsibilities. Instead of having a team member confirm your purchases, let Encompass do it for you! You will no longer have employees tied down by tasks that can be easily handled outside of the organization.

This service will streamline productivity and give your business a competitive edge all while reducing overhead and inflating profit margins.

A Case Study with Capitol Wright Distributing

Now that you've learned about what CoSourcing is, let's take a look at how Capitol Wright Distributing in Austin, TX has benefitted from using CoSourcing in a brief Q&A session with CFO, Matt Harriss.

How has your business increased efficiency with CoSourcing?

Matt was able to share three main advantages of CoSourcing:

1. "It transfers repetitive, non-income producing tasks, to a low-cost processor without sacrificing accuracy." Implementing this service allows you to limit your exposure to errors. The added stability and accountability CoSourcing provides will assist your business in achieving its goals.

2. "CoSourcing allows the cost to vary throughout the year with the seasonality of our business." Instead of taxing an employee to do the job year-round, CoSourcing allows you to pay for the service as needed.

3. "Our remaining employees are able to focus on exceptions(discrepancies, damaged product returns, etc.)" Pay more attention to detail while we handle the rest of the work.

Do you plan on using CoSourcing in any other areas of your business?

"We are working with Encompass to implement CoSourcing in the following areas in 2019: tel-sell, supplier forecasting and order entry, and dynamic routing." CoSourcing doesn't stop at purchase confirmations...it can add value in other areas of your business.

How much time/money have you saved with CoSourcing?

"Once fully implemented, we will have eliminated the equivalent of two full-time positions." Manage overhead while concentrating on employee development and reducing repetitive workloads.

CoSourcing truly empowers your business to do more with less. If you are interested in Purchase Confirmation CoSourcing, give us a call at (970) 449-8000 and ask for the Services Department or visit the Services Webpage.

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