Encompass Launches Connect: Distributor Reporting to Create A Fully Connected Beverage Supply Chain

Beer and BevAlc producers now have a choice in retail sales and inventory data reporting across the entire distributor network enabling accuracy, speed, and growth.

November 2, 2021

Encompass Launches Connect Distributor Reporting to Create a Fully Connected Supply Chain for the Beverage Industry

Suppliers Now Have a Choice in Retail Sales and Inventory Data Reporting Across the Entire Distributor Network Enabling Accuracy, Speed, and Growth

FORT COLLINS, Colo., November 2, 2021 -- Encompass Technologies, a comprehensive cloud-based ERP software technology provider, announced today that it has launched and integrated Distributor Reporting into its portfolio of services for the beverage industry. Distributor Reporting is part of Encompass’s new Connect family of solutions designed to connect suppliers to other tiers in the supply chain.

Offered free for suppliers, Distributor Reporting collects and aggregates data from all distributors in the three-tier system and offers optional extensions that allow suppliers to integrate their data with virtually any other software platform available today.

Distributor Reporting streamlines the sharing of retail sales and inventory data between suppliers and distributors while providing:

  • Accurate live data with zero-latency delivery for strategic decision-making and accurate forecasting.

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-customize reports for streamlined data visualization.

  • Superior execution of business objectives and elimination of burdensome data collection requirements.

Any supplier can take advantage of unparalleled access to data from the entire distribution network, free of charge, with Distributor Reporting. Manufacturers can sign up here to enroll in Distributor Reporting and initiate the process to activate the data interfaces between Encompass and other Route Accounting System (RAS) providers.

“Using the data sharing process with today’s traditional solutions, suppliers and distributors can only share data in batches, which is an old approach that wastes time and money,” said Encompass CEO Jonathan O’Neil. “On top of that, poor quality data contributes to out-of-stocks, distributor dissatisfaction, and misalignment of goals and incentives. Distributor Reporting frees suppliers from waiting for reports to process and the very-real problem of inaccurate data.”

O’Neil added, “The management and sharing of data between suppliers and distributors is broken; it lacks choice and data interface reciprocity which stifles growth and innovation. With Distributor Reporting, we are facilitating a mutually beneficial flow of communication beyond the transfer of data. We are offering this at no cost because we believe in unlocking innovation which translates to efficiency, agility, and better decision making for suppliers, distributors, and the industry as a whole.”

“For the first time in the beverage industry, we have a choice for aggregated retail sales and inventory data across the entire distribution network,” said Scotty Hunter, Chief of Strategic Development of Urban Artifact Brewing, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Launching Distributor Reporting is Encompass’s latest move in digitally connecting the supply chain powered by an open, cloud-based platform and integrations with its fast-growing ecosystem of partners. The network connecting the producers, distributors, retailers, and consumers changes how people and businesses operate and helps the supply chain meet unpredictable and rapidly changing consumer demands.

To learn more about Encompass's Connect family of solutions for beverage manufacturers, visit encompasstech.com/connect/manufacturers-hub.

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