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Encompass Financials - A Fully Integrated System

January 29, 2019

Working with multiple software systems to run your business can be a challenge. From a lack of communication between systems to reconciling data discrepancies, these issues can cost your business valuable time and money. With fully integrated Financials from Encompass, you can start spending time on more important business objectives and forget about bolting on a separate financial package.


Encompass Financials supports an unlimited number of users within your organization, uses the same sign in as the rest of Encompass and provides detailed user action auditing. No more per-user fees, no need to remember multiple passwords and no more wondering "who made this entry". One login, one system, one true view of your data.

What Sets Encompass Financials Apart

Immediate Journal Entries: As soon as a purchase is received, journal entries are created right away to alleviate the strain of inventory accruals.

AR and AP Monitoring Capabilities: Always stay informed about what you need to collect and what you owe.

Drill Down Capabilities: Save steps and easily drill into specific invoices directly from an income statement.

Fully Integrated: Don’t waste any more time with double data entry, dual system reconciliation, or navigating between multiple systems.


Reporting is an important aspect of managing accounts payable and accounts receivable. Encompass Financials provides a starting set of pre-built reports that you can customize to best suit your company's needs. The reporting engine you’ve become accustomed to using for your sales reporting is the same engine you’ll use for financial reporting. This familiar and robust system is already a cornerstone of Encompass. Share, publish and view reports all within one integrated system.

Why Encompass Financials?

If you’re looking to save time and increase efficiency in your operation, Encompass Financials is for you. Not only does this financial package reduce the steps taken to complete your daily duties but it also adds peace of mind. The base application includes core features like reporting, financial statements, and reconciliation. With the extensibility of the Encompass platform, you or our services team can add customized budgeting structures, automated supplier billbacks and automated payment processing with PayLink. Distributor-driven solutions like this were designed with you in mind. With Encompass Financials, all of your accounting needs are met under one roof!

If you'd like more information on Encompass Financials, click the image below or give us a call at (970) 449-8000.


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